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  • Premier Icon colournoise

    First time Ard Rocker too.

    Planning on my usual loadout, plus a full 3l bladder and a fair bit of trail food (flapjack and Goldbears or Squashies are my preference).

    Stuff that’s in my bag for every ride is currently –

    Multitool with chain tool
    2 tubes
    Tube and tyre patches
    Couple of CO2 canisters
    Zip ties
    Quick links
    Small First Aid kit
    Jacket etc. depending on weather forecast


    Ducktape. If that can’t fix it….it’s terminal


    Tyre Patches/Plugs absolutely ! as I found out earlier this week.

    I’ll be carrying near enough the same unless someone else comes along and recommends other useful additions.

    Premier Icon darrenspink

    As above, food/jacket/pump/tubes/water


    – rear mech (maybe)
    – chain, ready to go on
    – gear cable
    – lots of other spare bits and bolts
    – tubeless repair wormz


    1st big event for me as such so what will the majority of you guys be carrying for the day on the hills in your backpacks

    My aim is to only carry the essentials but not overload and die on the hills ! 😕

    but what do you class as essentials ?


    a rear mech and chain? really? 😆

    i was signed on to do the 35km AM Challenge, timed lap

    id have carried, a tube and co2 strapped to the tyre with a xcracer strap,

    multitool and a couple of gels in my jersey pocket, 700ml bottle on the frame

    thats it, its only 35km, i do the same/a lot more in the peaks, with the same gear, no need for a camelback with a bike shop full of spares

    Premier Icon colournoise

    I also have the advantage that I’ll be with a large club group (including our tame bike mechanic), so between us we should have most eventualities covered.

    Premier Icon rhid

    I did the all mountain challenge last year with a jacket as it was foul weather, 2 tubes, a pump and multi tool. It’s well marshalled and and only 35km so no need to carry much.
    Will do the same this year too.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    No more than going out for a decent ride. Jacket, tubeless repair, chain links, tube, leatherman, mech hanger and first aid kit. Sandwich and chocolate bars.

    1st timer here also.

    What I am curious about is whether people who know the terrain would race in a full face helmet? After all, it is a race down hill and wearing a full facer is worth at least four Enduro seconds per minute (4 es/m).


    I did buy a met parachute for this event ages ago and was thinking was it an overkill but better safe than sorry even more not knowing some of the stages

    I’ll take it anyway and see how it is on Saturdays practice

    Spare brake pads


    I’ve raced it the last two years on my fat bike, and my best advice would be stopping for a pint in Langthwaite after stage 2 😀

    Stages are v rocky (characteristic of the area) and I would recommend recce on the Saturday even if you just ride 5,1,2 and 3 (if same stages as last year.)

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Think only 1 and 4 are officially open for practice on the Saturday, presumably due to the other event happening then?

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Based on last year, a good waterproof jacket and enough food to get you round a long loop in a gale. Tough tyres as some sharp rocks, lots of people punctured and I put big holes in a tubeless EXO casing. I gave one of my tubes away to someone with a double puncture.

    I wouldn’t wear a full face but I’m just there for the craic rather than to go super fast. Might take my goggles to look extra enduro and because it is the windiest place in the world.


    my first event too, hope its just like a long ride in the peaks. have been doing a few 25-35 milers recently to try and get some fitness. No full face for me, i dont fancy overheating in that thing.

    Pack will consist of:-
    3l bladder plus bottle on cage
    Multi tool with chain tool
    Quick links
    Two tubes
    Gear cable
    Spare hanger

    Job done….i hope

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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