Architects' fees for house extension plans

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  • Architects' fees for house extension plans
  • aka_Gilo

    We are looking at having a two storey c.5×5 metre extension built on the side of our house. We have had an architect round (we vaguely know his wife) to quote us for drawing up plans and obtaining planning permission. He works for a quite well known company in Bristol who do a lot of commercial work (care homes etc) so I knew he wouldn’t be the cheapest, but he had a lot of good ideas when he came round to discuss our plans, so I’m happy to pay a bit extra to get something we’ll be happy with (doubt we’ll move again so we’ll be here for the duration). I know we can get basic plans drawn up a lot more cheaply, but a guy I know who did it as cheap as he could (£600 to get to planning permission stage, using an online firm to draw up the plans) regrets it, the plans were crap and he had no end of problems.

    Anyhow, the quote is as follows:

    Survey of our property: £475.00 & VAT

    Initial sketch scheme proposals incl. 3D sketches: £310.00 & VAT

    Full planning app drawings including plans, sections, and elevations: £790.00 & VAT

    Planning Application fee to the Council: £150

    So around £2k to get to the stage of having planning permission.

    As I say, I know we can get this done a fair bit cheaper, but I’m confident they’ll do a good job. Do you reckon those costs are reasonable?


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    We are in North London and paying around 2k without the 3d plans for a similar size job, so it sounds good to me

    If this chap is going to town with the survey to be able to provide you with extremely accurate elevations, sections and top notch 3d visualisations then that price is extremely reasonable as that’s a fair few hours/days work. I’d estimate (without knowing the job details) that the least you would be looking at is £700-800 for the same job without sections, 3d vis and with reduced level of detail in the drawings, basically enough to get it through the local authority and more than enough detail for your regular builder.


    The ground drops away under our house (i.e the ground floor as you walk in the front door is the first floor by the time you get to the back of the house). Hence I guess it’s slightly more complex than a bog standard extension. Certainly the guy was very keen to make best use of the elevation changes, plus the far-reaching views we have at the back.

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    Might be worth checking to see if any engineering calcs. are included ie are these plans that can be handed to your builder with all the specifications/sizes for any steels involved and loadings on walls and foundations. Probably not at that price so budget another £1000-£1500 for structural drawings and calcs.


    Sounds fair to me, having just gone through the whole process and received planning permission last week!


    They’re very useful at getting the thing moving through but that sounds like a lot to me. But then we only had a large conservatory built (which is really an extension – 2/3 brick.). Couple of hundred quid.


    When he says 3d sketches is it just sketch up? Sounds like it for the price. £1600 sounds fair from an architects practic but the pricing sounds a bit off. The only thing that surprises me is that the planning app fees are so much more than the proposals stage which is where the time will be spent. Are dispersements included within that?


    Here’s my thoughts.

    The survey cost look like a sub contract price from a surveying company to undertake the work. Therefore cost for the planning stage to the Architect is £1100 + VAT. Gut feeling it’s a little high for a residental extension but will be dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

    3d sketches…. would agree probably Sketchup. Handcranked is a lost art.

    You will need to budget additional costs for the Building Regulation drawing package which will include input from a Structural Engineer and a hefty application / inspection fee to the Council.

    You may also require a Tender drawing package / Construction drawings depending on the complexity of the project.

    Hope you have a resonable budget for the works. Most people don’t.


    We are hoping to have a “small” extension done.
    We’ve used a *planner* rather than an architect.
    He does the initial drawings, application for planning permission, detailed drawings (specs) and liasing with building regs.
    His bare fees alone will probably be about £800.
    He’s not VAT registered 🙂

    There are other statutory fees to add to add ie application for planning permission and building regulations / inspections.


    If you want something arty why not get him to do up to the sketch schemes so you get a good idae of what you want. The get someone from an architects office who does work on the side to complete the package. You would a save quite a bit and the risks are minimal if you have a structural engineer sorting out that side of things


    Cheers all

    Taff – not a bad idea 🙂


    If you’re in Bristol I have a mate who lives there and may be able to do some stuff for you. Went to uni with him and he works for a big practice. May be able to hook you up if you want


    Taff – thanks, PM sent.

    I am an Architect in Edinburgh and while your project is in Bristol, the cost of construction and professional fees won’t be that different. I publish a guide to my own fees as well as typical construction costs on my website. Most of my clients have never hired an Architect or carried out building work, so they find this useful.

    My architects fees
    House extension costs

    I hope this helps

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