Aprilia Pegaso – any experiences?

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  • Aprilia Pegaso – any experiences?
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    Currently riding a ZZR600 which I really like (commutes and occasional easy runs) but back issues suggest a more upright position would be good. I’ve tried both the BMW F650 single and twin (800) and found the riding position good, but the bikes to be a bit dull to ride, the single a bit stressed on A roads/motorways (and they’re pretty pricey!).

    The Aprilia looks good value for money, but wonder if it’ll be very similar to the F650 single? Anyone had any experiences of it? I can’t get a test ride near me, so possibly buying blind!


    Depending on the year it either has the rotax lump the bmw single has or the 660 that the yamaha tenre has. Neither will be great for motorway work imo.


    Thanks … prob the Yamaha engine. Motorway riding is infrequent so not too concerned on that front. More whether the engine’s a tad more lively than the F650


    Had one with the rotax engine, great ride but had issues with cooling if used for long runs at anything close to top speed. Was a pig for starting in cold weather too, and service costs were high compared to my Tenere.
    A fun bike rather than a workhorse, country lanes and B roads good, motorways a drag.

    The engine might be a little more lively than the F650 single, now called G650GS but doubt it can match the F650 twin which as you say is actually an 800.

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    I have the same engine in my xt660x, needs cans, filters and power commander to let it breathe.

    Kawasaki versys? I’ve got a zzr600 currently too, and this would be one of my main alternative choices.
    If you like the turn of speed you have on tap with your current ride, you’ll miss it on the single for sure. Plus get prepared to familiarise yourself with this stuff:

    I have to use it on my fillings too!! Better than riding a demented sewing machine though!!


    In fairness the kwak is pretty decent in that regard- FZ6 takes the prize on that one!


    I used to have a Rotax Pegaso. Was comfy and had a nice riding position for commuting. Fell to pieces though….. except the motor. That was bulletproof

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