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  • This has always worked with troublesome tyres for me.

    Stick a tube in and inflate to seat the beads.
    Remove one side of the bead of the tyre, take the tube out and put the valve in.
    Remove valve core of valve.
    Once both beads are in place, remove the pump and the air will come out.
    Squirt the sealant in through the valve using a syringe, the Stans injector or a little 2oz Stans bottle (that’s what I use).
    Put the valve core back in, inflate and shake the sealant around.

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    Tried it, cant get the bead seated on the other side, just curls inward, even tried pressing it in by hand/with atyre lever. Very confused as cant really afford 38.99 for a new tyre as well as the 30 quid I’ve just sepnt on sealant and valves.

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    After getting 5 ounctures in 3 rides I have decided to go tubeless. My rims are eastom ea70 xct, and I’ve managed to fit the front Ardent easily with never having removed it from new the bead was pretty stiff, however, I’ve been tryin to get the rear 2.1 Crossmark seated without a tube and its having none of it, even with soapy water as some have said works fine, I’ve already wated a cup of sealant and dont really want to waste another cup. With the tyre being on and off a lot over the past few days its possible to remove the tyre without leavers, will it be a case of buy a new tyre and keep it as a tubed spare?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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