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  • Apple watch to Garmin
  • Kuco
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    Has anyone gone from an Apple Watch to a Garmin watch? I currently have a series 9 watch and thinking of trying a Garmin.  I’m torn between the Venu 3 and the Forerunner 265, probably more towards the Venu 3 which seems a lot more of a sports watch than the Apple. I don’t need an all singing all dancing Fenix/Epix watch with built in mapping. For running on the Apple watch I currently use the the Strava app. I’ve also just started using the Garmin connect app again as the last time I used that a few years ago it seemed rather clunky.

    I already use a Garmin Explorer 2 on the bike so i’m not too worried about the cycling aspect. I’ve watched the DC Rainmaker and DesiFit reviews on YouTube of both watches.  My last experience of Garmin watches was a Forerunner 305 then briefly one of their first cheap music watches.

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    Haven’t used an Apple watch but for anything other than fitness tracking, the Garmin is lacking compared to the Apple, but if you don’t use all the fancy features then it may not be an issue.

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    I moved from the AW to a Fenix and then an epix as it’s easier to read .
    garmin connect is brilliant and suggests workouts which is what I want . It also syncs with Strava .
    you can get hold of an epix 2 now for £350-400 which is hell of a lot of watch for the money . Even if you don’t need al the features now you might in the future .

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    I switched from Garmin to Apple a few months ago. I’ve not missed the Garmin, find the Apple much more of useful smart watch.

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    I have both, a series 9 Apple Watch and a Garmin Instinct. I wear the Apple one all the time except biking, so it’s my everyday smartwatch, swimming, walking etc.

    I wear the Instinct on the bike, but as I need to keep a close eye on my HR I have bar mounted Garmins (840 and 1040) so the Instinct is doing the ‘not as good as Apple Watch Smartwatch’ stuff but not logging rides.

    I could easily do without the Instinct but am quite bound to an Apple Watch. My Omega Seamaster has been on my wrist maybe 10 times in the last 5 years..

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    I went AW4 to Fenix 6 pro. Initially got the garmin for a triathlon and occasional sports tracking but I liked the fitness side so much more than the AW I started using it for all exercise, and then started wearing it full time. At first I missed some of the smart features of the Apple Watch, like quick message responses, accepting MFA notifications etc but that didn’t last long.

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    My wife and daughter both have Apple watches, I have a Garmin. We occasionally run together and the GPS is very poor on the Apple.

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    I had an Apple Watch Ultra and a fenix 7x at one point and was using the AWU day to day and swapping to the 7x for rides etc as I just didn’t like the apps available to track rides as well as having to make sure the battery was sufficiently charged before each ride. I’ve since sold the AWU as I started to wear it less and less.
    How you get on will largely depend on how much you use the “smart” features of the watch. You can’t reply to messages, snooze or turn off alarms through the Garmin watch. Garmin do have an Apple Pay equivalent in Garmin pay on some watches but it’s limited with the banks it can be used with. I’ve got a revolut account that I chuck a few quid in so it’s there for emergencies as I’ve generally always got my phone with me anyway so I’d use that.
    For fitness tracking the Garmin is loads better, except probably sleep tracking, I reckon the AWU was a bit more accurate, but there isn’t that much in it. The battery life is just ridiculous on the 7x, I charge it probably every 2/3 weeks depending on how often I’m riding.

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    I got a Fenix 7 and I get tracking and full GPS for 4-5 days on a single charge. For multi-day treks, long days out, etc., I wouldn’t bother with the Apple Watches, but they’re probably more feature-packed for day to day stuff.

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    I went from a Fenix3HR to an Apple Watch Ultra.  I wear an old fashioned automatic as a watch normally. The AWU is just for running, cycling and snowboarding.

    Much prefer the AWU. Strava runs on the watch, the HR monitor actually seems to work, the battery is good enough, the phone on the wrist and music on the wrist means I don’t carry the iPhone on most runs & rides.

    The sim doesn’t work abroad as EE are lazy which means phone and watch in the Alps, but even then the vibrate on your wrist and no need to get the phone out on the lift.

    I have even been known to answer the phone with my nose when riding the MTB in the Alps and then have a normal (ish, it’s me) conversation without stopping.

    And the AWU is more comfortable to wear.

    Garmin will of course have moved on since the 3HR, but they had a long way to go.

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    Thanks for the replies. Think I’ll try a Garmin but keep the AW as well.

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    They’re different tools for different jobs IMO.

    The Garmin watches are fitness watches first and smart watches second. They’re brilliant at tracking activities and the data around them. But they lack a lot of the smart functionality of an Apple Watch.

    My wife prefers the Apple Watch as she wants the functionality of it, I prefer my Garmin as I use it for running and cycling primarily and love the data.

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    Garmin every time for me but I don’t want to use my watch for fancy smart watch stuff, just the fitness tracking and text/WhatsApp/email notifications, is nice.
    Also, I don’t get the appeal of recharging a watch every day or so.

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    I went from Garmin to Apple Watch and back to Garmin. I didn’t need a smart watch, I wanted a watch to record activities and the AW wasn’t very good at that IMO or as customisable to see diff fields when exercising.

    I also found myself looking at the watch more for notifications then I would my phone and didn’t seem good for me to be doing that. Since going back to Garmin I have turned off any smart features or notifications.

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    If you want more data and mapping I would add workoutdoors to your apple watch.

    Full details on this link and it will sync your workouts to Strava.

    It has a very responsive developer on the Mac forums.

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