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  • Apple itunes ID and IM problem – solutions?
  • antigee

    numpty but true – daughter 1 has always used my apple ID to buy stuff for her iphone (good cos I see notifications) and apparently apple IM uses the apple ID

    daughter 2 got an iphone so to buy some apps just put in my apple ID not knowing about the IM issue – so now daughter 2 has annoyed 1 by deleting contacts and answering her messages

    from apple support “Once a device or computer is associated with your Apple ID, you cannot associate that device or computer with another Apple ID for 90 days” so0 I can delete the association but that reduces the iphone functionality

    anyone suggest a solution?


    Full reset, and set it up as a new device. Will lose all data tho on apps already installed.


    It is possible to setup iPhone to use one ID for email, IM etc and another for the iTunes stores. That’s what you need.


    Premier Icon simon_g

    Settings > Messages > Send & Receive

    Make sure “start new conversations from” is set to the phone number, and under “you can be reached by”, remove the emails associated with the AppleID (so it’s also just the phone number). You could also go into the AppleID bit at the top and sign out of that ID for iMessage.

    Really though, separate accounts is the much better way. Buy iTunes gift cards for them to buy apps with rather than from your credit card – no chance of any surprises then either.


    thanks some useful pointers there – didn’t realise you could set the id in IM different to the store – also the stuff on “you can be reached by” as somehow older daughter ipad has younger ones phone number
    I’ll save the reset as a last resort

    prob right about iTunes cards but my girls pretty good – rule is have to ask and explain why need something that isn’t free and justify it and it seems to work…..for now

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