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  • wysiwyg

    Not appeared on any trackers, low, heading towards Sheff..

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    It was a bit unnerving a few minutes ago when a chinook started hovering low over Vauxhall, normally they just fly through the area. Fortunately no one started fast roping out of it and it went after a bit.



    Picking up spooks for a spot of uppity arab hunting in Syria?


    Driving up the A1 and A19 (North Yorks) you often see Apaches. A few times I’ve noticed the are flying perfectly along side you but a few hundred meters away. A bit of target practice?


    Two a penny in this part of Northumberland ..but then we are close to Otterburn Camp & Range ..similarly Andy 8442 you wouldn’t be too far away from Catterick Camp & RAF Leeming ..


    Rules of the air say that aircraft following a road should keep it on the left

    68. Right-Hand Traffic Rule. The handling pilot of an aircraft which is flying within
    the UK in sight of the ground and following a road, railway, canal or coastline, or any
    other landmarks, is recommended to keep such a line of landmarks on his left, except
    where promulgated locally or when acting upon instructions given by the appropriate
    ATC unit.


    I see them now and again near me as they come in and out of Chilwell Barracks sometimes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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