Anything in a tyre. New road race tyres needed.

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  • Anything in a tyre. New road race tyres needed.
  • oldgit

    Ultremo ZX
    Pro 4
    Veloflex Master
    Vittoria Corsa
    No way Contis, had no end of trouble with their tyres.
    Just want to get my race bike rebuilt for next year. Was leaning towards the ZX, but the latest Pro’s seem to be well liked.
    Got tyres for rain and very early season races.
    Or do you think it’ll all be in my head?

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Mostly in your head but good rolling and reasonably puncture proof would be my recommendations. I like Pro4’s.. Punctures are such a pain road racing, it’s not often that you can get service quick enough to get back on.


    using pro4 SC’s on the commuter and unlike the pro s3’s i had they seem to be holding up, far less cuts, still a bit twitchy on diesel, but is there a slick that can cope with that??? Seem to grip and corner ok and reasonably durable.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Ultremo ZX are brilliant but they’re quite fragile, seem to cut quite easily. Great race tyres though, very light and grippy. Just don’t expect them to last more than a season. And in spite of having lots of cuts, they never actually punctured.

    I’ve always liked the top end Specialized tyres too.


    what crazy legs said apart from ive punctured mine a few times now and will bung on my commuting tyres landcruisers over winter.
    ultremo are fast and fragile but wouldnt use em over winter


    Michelin Pro 4 SC’s x 25mm – had a few pairs and they have held up really well esp on the gritty, muddy and rough lanes of Herefordshire. Getting about 2000 miles out of each rear. The other tyres I usually ride all year round are GP4000s. Thought I’d give the Michelins a try as they are cheap atm – would happily ride either.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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