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  • Anything else to consider besides fiveten shoes?
  • bikeneil
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    My wife rides flats and is looking for some new shoes. And seeing as the weather for most of the year is rubbish she’d like some warm, dryish ones. They don’t need to be fully waterproof though. Anything other than fivetens that I should be looking at?

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    I really like my Shimano AM41 (I think – number wise) – comfy, reasonably warm and water resistant if you don’t go paddling 🙂

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    Five Tens are crap in winter- the world’s grippiest sponges. The new Elements Freerider looks like it might sort that though (but at the expense of also fitting a sole designed to not grip in mud!)

    AM41 is better, bit more waterproof, soaks up much less water too so is less cold. Sombrio’s X-Shazam was brilliant but you might have a hard job finding a pair, I really wish I could buy a few more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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