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  • Anyone's kid NOT take to a balance bike?
  • fizzicist

    Don’t worry too much – our 4 year old always enjoyed his balance bike but would never let it roll, and still won’t if he gets back on it now. Stick him on his bake with stabilisers and he sets off like a scalded cat and freewheels downhill at speed. Also into the odd tree, so he clearly has my sense of danger.

    The girl (2) just isn’t into it. Prefers to run.

    They both love scooters however and the scooter is doing more his balance than the balance bike did.


    I dont think balance bikes existed when my oldest two were young.

    My 3yr old has one but isn’t interested in it either. he prefers he normal bike with stabilisers because it has pedals like his brothers have.

    he also loves his mini micro scooter, whizzes round like a lunatic on that.

    When did balance bikes actually come into being? When my lad was a lad they weren’t ‘invented’, you had stabilisers & that was it.

    Hutchy by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Dunno whats wrong with your kids these days. 🙄


    i got my son a balance bike when he was almost 2 and for at least the first year he had no interest whatsoever , i had pretty much resigned myself to the fact he would not practice my religion, in the last 4 months he has really taken to it so much so he has outgrown the 1/4 acre garden .yesterday we went to the local trail centre and rode some singletrack with berms and switchbacks and he loved it. i think the OPs issue may be that his daughter did not have to balance the trike just pedal so then going to balance bike is essentially like taking off the stabilisers but i wouldnt worry about it because they can literally take to it overnight.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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