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  • Anyones dog had surgery for a slipped disk?
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    So my doggo, a Shitzu – yorkie cross, normally a tenacious bonkers ball of fun couldn’t walk properly this morning, back end wonky, one leg struggling a lot, and was acting ‘away with the fairies’ (in retrospect that’s probably because he was in a lot of pain) so off to the vets we went.

    Our local vet immediately said he needs to see a specialist as they suspected an ‘neurological’ issue, followed by them ringing around.

    The small animal hospital, part of the university of Liverpool accepted him, so road trip to Liverpool it was.

    Chap seemed very good, socially distanced outside to gather info etc, and took him in in for an examination. He returned outside about 15 mins later and said he needs an MRI to check his spine for a slipped disk.

    I could tell he knew exactly what he was talking about, you can just tell sometimes by the way people are, and said a suspected slipped disk, I forget the exact technical terms, but that was his thought, and said he’d do an MRI scan to be sure.

    So we went off for a coffee and a very very long 2 hours.

    SO after a tense wait he called back and said yes there’s an issue with one disk, and would we like to go for surgery, we went for surgery as the alternative was home medicating, keeping him crated for extended periods, possibly months, knowing my dog, that would have driven him absolutely crazy, with no guarantee of improvement.

    Just had a call back from the vets and the surgery is done but he’s extremely agitated so he’s been sedated, the vet thought that might be a sign that the surgery wasn’t particularity successful, although when we told him about the last overnight vet stay he had after eating something he shouldn’t have, we had to take him home earlier than the vet wanted as he was going beserk.

    The vet seemed to think that’s maybe a good thing if he’s just really pissed off as that means the operation may have worked and the dogs just really stressed and wanting to be back in familiar surroundings.

    So now we wait again, the vet seems to think we just have to wait to appraise the outcome better.

    I think we made the right choice by going for surgery as the vet also mentioned it was quite bad pressure on the spine and wouldn’t have got better without invasive intervention.

    Weird thing was, this time yesterday he was right as rain bounding around.

    Anyone else had similar experiences?


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    One of our previous dogs, a Bassett Hound had this when he was 4 years old – initially it was very difficult to diagnose what was actually wrong. We didn’t go for surgery (there was no Supervet in those days) but he had some chiropractic and acupuncture treatments which did make a difference. It took him quite a while to recover but he did go on to live for another 8 happy years.

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    I might book myself in for this. Does this mean I only have another 8 years?

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    Quick update, the dog is doing really well, he can just about walk by himself for a a few mins, we are doing some gentle physio with him, but he’s not a happy chappy because we won’t let him run around like a loony anymore.

    He can scratch his ear with his back legs, so motor functions seem all good. He’s just a bit wobbly on his back legs, slowly surely i hope.

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    That’s great news, poor thing. So difficult to try to calm down an excitable dog that just wants to leap about.

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    yeah, I can’t thank the folks at Liverpool university small animal hospital enough.

    it’ll be a long road, but he’s doing ok.

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