anyone had a summer holiday in dubrovnik?recommendations?

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  • anyone had a summer holiday in dubrovnik?recommendations?
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    Isn’t Dubrovnik packed with moneyed Russians during the hols? Would explain the swankiness?

    The whole of that coastline is fab – you might find something if you checked out a few of the other smaller towns or looked at the islands off the coast.

    There’s stacks of Roman ruins inland and some large caves, I seem to recall, although this was a while back so exactly where, I’ve forgotten.


    cheers martin
    is eating out there expensive anyone?


    hey there.missus really wants to go to dubrovnik at the beginning of august as alast minute booking.which areas are the best? i want to spend a lot of time on the beach or by the pool and if there are watersports nearby thats great too and a few bars and a few cultural sites etc to see would also be nice. some of the hotels seem really plush and some really basic with not a lot in betwween? any tips on finding a nice one etc?
    any ideas or help would be greatly appretiated!!


    I stayed for a week in Lopud, just off the coast.

    Eating out is expensive – think eating in a gastro-pub everynight, that said I did eat some lovely food.
    You will get sick of the times of day that Cruise ship inhabitants hit the city, but you’ll love it when they leave again.
    You need to look up Buza (1&2).
    Walk the wall round the city, take the cable car up to the hill behind the city.
    Take a boat trip to one of the quiet islands off the mainland, any will do they all looked pretty good and Lopud was ace.
    The sea is lovely crystal clear and warm, I don’t recall seeing many watersports places though.

    I’d definitely go back, I’d probably do more of an island hoping tour though rather than staying in the city. There are definitely worse places to go 🙂


    Went to Dubrovnik two years ago with the wife and absolutely loved it there. It was beginning of July high season and it wasn’t that bad at all. Even posted some of the photos on my blog:

    Ps. Last two shots were taken from our balcony, awesome location on the edge of the hill but getting back from town was a killer.


    Dubrovnik is a walled city, there’s not much of a beach scene. I love Croatia but I wouldn’t want to spend more than a weekend in Dubrovnik itself.

    How long are you going for?

    Look also at studios or hotels in the Old City section of Budva, in Montenegro, which is a couple of hours south.


    I am not a big fan of busy sandy beaches that’s why I loved it over there.

    You can catch a ferry across to the nearest island and have a nice quiet day, there is nudist beach if you interested 😉 Cavtat is only minutes away by bus and we found it to be quiet as well.
    I also recommend to hire a car for a day or two and drive south to Montenegro, beautiful scenery.


    I am heading there in a week. Is there any good biking in the area?

    Danny – I’ve only been a few times so no expert. But here goes: there are tiny – teeeeeny weeeeeeeeeny beaches in and near the city. The city is swamped with cruise ships.

    Fortunatly, there are a few islands just off shore. I’d start with Mljet (short ferry from ****land) and mostly a national park.

    #Edit – the next time you go you’ll probably move futher north (or south into montenegro).

    ##Edit2: Biking: we hired bikes locally each time we’ve been. The bikes were poor, the advise optomistic, but we go back and back.

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    Hello been to Dubrovnik 3 times and loved it. Good mix of city break but relaxing, sunning, swimming , water sports too…best of both worlds and only a 2.5 hr flight.

    We stayed here all 3 times on B&B only as there are so many restaurans to eat out of an evening; you can either eat local which is nice as a lot of locals eat and socialise in that area or you can get the bus at the top of the road into town which takes approx 8 minutes and they are regular. Not many beaches as far as I am aware at Dubrovnik but there is a lot of swimming off the rocks into the sea; they have lots of cordened off swimming areas. Take some of those rubber booties as the rocks are sharp. Food is relatively cheap and meals weren’t too bad. Near our hotel there was a decent supermarket so could get stuff for lunch etc. I love the place and plenty of places near by to explore. You also get fantastic sunsets like this….


    Deffo Bar/Cafe Buza – Take your skinnies/budgie smugglers so you can hurl yourself off the rocks after a couple.


    I was there last month. The old town (Dubrovnik) is a beautiful walled city. Not cheap though, I recommend the cable car trip too. You’ll love it.

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    Dubrovnik last year for three nights that is all I would recommend, will be packed now but get up early and it great.

    Croatia is wonderful, we rented a car for two weeks and stayed a few nights at bases for me Zadar was the best, Dubrovnik was second but not lots of beaches there. Try air bnb we used them got a nice apartment basic but clean 15mins walk from old town with a wonderful elderly couple who were very informative re history of dubron=vnik.

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