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  • Anyone worked in Saudi?
  • It looks like i might get offered an alternative to redundnacy, by being offered work abroad(Al Khafji – Saudi).
    It would be on a 28 on 28 off rotation. Any comments on the place/culture etc before i make the final descision?

    Help! 😕

    tops 5

    Don’t have any answers – but interested to know what industry? Comparable salary etc?


    my brother in law worked over there for 6 years, enjoyed the money. He was training the saudi air force, the guys he was training told him what they were doing. i.e if you are supposed to have authority, forget it.

    a few coleagues have been on assignments there,

    tax free (if you spend the whole year there)
    lose weight (no beer)
    proximity to othere countries (with beer, sexytime and everything else a man needs)

    no sexytime
    no beer
    sunshine (you will live between your air conditioned office and your air conditioned appartment)

    Cheers folks.

    It’s a position within the Oil & Gas industry…salary tbc.

    thisisnotaspoon, no beer is a good things as i could do with loosing a few pounds! 😉

    It’s a big descision as i have a 1 month old daughter to consider. Better to be away earning a good wage, or be at home earning a lesser wage (or no wage at all)???


    My sisters finance is over there at the moment, and he isn’t really liking it as it is now very expensive to live over there (with the collapsing pound), and he is finding the censorship a bit oppressive (blacked out stickers over women in newspapers etc), and he hasn’t been back in a bit as the Saudis are being very slow to process his exit Visa as they like to check everything before they let anyone out of the country, let alone in.

    So unless you like sandpits and living in a gated community, and being very closely monitored at all times I would give it a miss.

    Mind you he does have the downside that he isn’t married to my sister so she cannot visit/enter the country (only blood relatives, and married women are allowed to be alone together) and his phone calls and email are monitored

    Would you be going alone or with your daughter/wife? as your life might be OK but theres would be pretty shitty as women have no rights over there, other than to be beaten of course, she won’t be able to drive, or even be in a car with a non-relative, even your minder/house boy can get in the shit and end up being imprisoned/tortured if the police are at all suspicious.

    Oh and last thing he has mentioned is for **** sake do not lie at all on your entry paperwork (even guessimates on when you went places) as they check everything, and if they find any discrepancies they kick you out, and do bad things to your fixer.

    And finally if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you need a new one as if they see that, you will be put straight back on the plane home after a few hours in a small room with some *security* types.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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