anyone with a massive head have any helmet suggestions?

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  • anyone with a massive head have any helmet suggestions?
  • Ive always had an issue with getting hats to fit the size of my head, its 64cm and has an unusual bump at the back of it. ive got a cheap giro venti xxl (rated for 59-65cm) and for full face duties ive got a large giro remedy which i took the padding out of and sanded down until it fitted round my bump (tbh the remedy wasnt that far away from fitting as standard).

    My riding has come on a bit recently, and i feel i could do with more protection round the back and sides than the venti gives me, but nobody seems to cater for me with an enduro style helmet that goes up to a proper xxl. even dirt style lids like the poc receptor flow only go up to 62, and theres no way thats going on.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I would even consider something thats outside the box or not necessarily bike specific.

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    Giro Hex is available in a new XL size in a couple of colour options for 2013, as well as the usual S/M/L options.
    Worth a try.

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    well, i can tell you which one to avoid…

    my massive-but-not-quite-as-massive-as-your-head head (62ishcm) also has a funny bump on the back, i can’t quite fit in an XL Met kaos – it’s the bump that won’t go…

    i have an old Met predatore, which is ace, but i can’t find them anymore.

    I’ve go a big Barnet, but my large 661 recon is adjusted to max tightness to keep it a nice fit, huuuuge amount of room in there!.

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    The Bells with GPS fastening fit my huge bonce

    sillyoldman-thanks for that, id missed that and ive had a good run with giro so i`ll check it out.

    ahwiles-thanks also, its handy to know what not to waste my time trying! ive tried so many over the years that should have fitted but get nowhere near. oh for an average head so i could get a smart urge or poc lid, sigh.

    id looked at that 661 recon and really like the design, i might just give that idea a go, and i`ll have a look at bell as well while im at it, thanks folks!! crc here i come haha.


    Really sorry.



    That’s some noggin you have there my friend. And I have a big ol’ heed too. But I can’t believe you can stay upright like that. When I crash, I fly like a lawn dart, have you noticed that? Big heads ROCK. 🙂

    Ahhem. Sorry.
    Try a MET Predatore, if they still make them. Nice XC type lid. I use a Giro Xen for most rinsing, but they don’t make them any more and the Xar isn’t as nice. 🙁


    I good friend could never get bike helmets to fit his massive bonce, so wore a baseball helmet instead.

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    Massive head here, and I’ve just bought a large 661 Recon. Very nice fit.

    Also have a cheap Bell helmet, which fits OK.


    Ya could try a Crisp box !..Salt n vinegars the best …

    Seriously I’m 61cm & just bought a poc trabec race it’s the best fit I’ve ever had,I’ve also got a met that’s way too small even on maximum !,& it’s supposed to go to 61…I’d try a Poc before givin in they fit differant ..

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    i thought my head was big! a large hex is the best i could find, check out an xl if they do them

    xens were terrible in large serious case pf mushroom head!

    + 1 for POC Trabec Race.

    Massive heed and comfortably fits.


    Some Abus go huge.

    *Gets jacket*

    ‘Ma Heid’ – or ‘the head’ as my mates call it – has it’s own gravitational pull, given that it has the above mentioned bump at the back.

    It has a circumference of 67 CENTIMETRES and I can’t feed it after midnight.

    No LBS in the Glasgow area could accommodate ‘ma heid'(though many sniggered when they realised their stock was so far off fitting). Ordering mail order was pointless as I’d be at the PO collection office daily for weeks to pick up helmets that were too small. I’ve never been able to own a baseball cap in my adult life because they make me look like ‘Hey Arnold’.

    I resorted to communicating directly with Specialized US, who (eventually) came up with something that fitted – a modified base level effort, which I’ve worn (out) for 4 years now. I would NEVER even get into more gnarr biking because there is no way I’d waste the time trying to find a full face lid.

    Speak to Specialized, or go ‘bare back’ is my advice to you.

    There IS hope for you – you have 3cm on me…..luckily, I’m 6’6″ so you can’t really notice it until the measuring tapes come out…..

    met testagrossa is marketed as a larger headed helmet. 61-64cm

    My noggin is 63cm and I have one.


    Well, I always thought I had a big head (as my username suggests) but you must be the secret love child of Frank Sidebottom 😉

    Seriously though, give the Giro Feature a try. I got mine because of the extra low coverage at the back.


    Blimey I thought I had a big head at 63.5cm.

    Bell Sweep for Moi. I do have a new Bell Volt which seems a little snug compared to the Sweeps. I also have a Specialized helmet which is huge and I mean huge.

    Underground resistance, I feel for you, pal. At least there is the POTENTIAL for me to end up with something functional AND relatively cool. as you say though youre 6ft6 so youre in the same boat as me, ive got huge shoulders and i dont think ma heid looks particularly enormous until i actually try to spec a helmet for something. ive got an xxl agv airtech for motorbiking duties and i even had to lightly sand that down over my bump!

    Fair play to those of you who took the mick here, i like a laugh and the crisp box idea espescially made me chuckle. i tried to get a helmet once so i could ride my wife`s horse and one equestrian saleswoman suggested a feedbucket which is similarly hilarious because i probably couldve made that work haha.

    Given that I have had success with Giro lids already, the most sensible suggestion for me here is to go with the new xl hex (that must be huge, because a large giro almost fits me- maybe you could try one of them with a bit of doctoring undergroundresistance??)…but I dont really like the design and I prefer the Feature. So im going to buy a Feature today, and if it nearly fits Ill give it a light sanding until its the same size as my Remedy. If you see a Feature on ebay next week you`ll know I failed!!

    Cheers for helping… and for making me laugh!


    Bell XLV is supposed to fit up to 65cm . . . .

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