anyone with a jack russell/small dog? (sneezing content)

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  • anyone with a jack russell/small dog? (sneezing content)
  • Premier Icon flap_jack

    our Westie does this. No problems though.


    Absolutely love JRT’s.


    Our chihuahua does all of the above and she loves to snort and sneeze when excited … doesn’t wear lipstick though.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Our little fella does this all the time, especially when I get on the floor to fight with him (he loves it)

    I’ll ask the Mrs (Vet nurse)

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    colins 2 years old now, and one of his many endearing qualities is that he goes beserk when we come home from work, rolling about on the floor with his lipstick out and sprinting around the house. he also sneezes when hes this excited.
    this hasnt bothered us so far, its been quite amusing. but…..its getting a lot worse. now he can be sneezing right from picking his lead up for a walk, all the way through his walk. it cant be very comfy for the little feller :-/
    btw, he doesnt sneeze normally, when hes just pottering around the house.

    ive googled it, and it seems quite common, but i cant really suss out what causes it or how we can help him.

    any ideas/thoughts/knowledge?

    thanks 🙂

    Premier Icon Caher

    Parents have one and he started the ‘sneezing’ from a young age. It was found to be a form of fit. Tablets from the vet contain it.


    Our JRT does it too. It’s normal and I’d agree rather endearing!


    Had a problem today with both my Lab and my Border terrier. Lab is moulting bad so did a hoover up and she’s better but my terrier often breaths in fine hairs, flys and bits below his nose, he does the lipstick trick too and gets all tizzed. Today he was so bad I thought I might have to take him to the vet, don’t want another bill so sat him down and massaged around his sinus, down the nose and around his snout. He let out several massive sneezes and the problem has gone. Sometimes small particles and hairs just get lodged high in their noses as they are so close to the ground.


    My JRT places her ball at your feet, then repeatedly sneezes until you throw it. If you refuse after a few minutes she starts barking instead …hehe …gotta love em … 🙄


    Mine fetches his little ball then challenges you to a fight, he’ll never let go & been known to sleep with it still in his mouth. The only way he’ll let go is by cooking lamb : /

    Premier Icon amedias

    Our chihuahua does it too, very common and not unusual, only a problem when she sneezes so hard she whacks her chin/head on the floor :-s

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    My Westies do this.

    Once Eric had a blade of grass stuck up his nose that had to be extracted, but yeah, they do have sneezing fits quite often.

    Oh, and if we sneeze? Esme our other Westie rushes over to check you are ok..

    Colin – that’s a great hound name!

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