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  • anyone windsurf? need some advice!
  • and how will they learn to rail ride without a centre plate, tell me that!

    cheers for the offer rogerthecat but sadly the logistics are too much, great pity as it would be fun for the boy next summer.

    thought i’d post a little update because a few old windsurfers picked up on this thread…

    so this weekend i picked up a board. as its winter i went with freewave type kit thinking that i’d save the light wind big sail gear til summer. taking advice from freinds who know my ability (from way back) the call was a board 80-90’ish litres.

    my budget board is a JP freestyle wave II 84L for 50quid.

    sails, again similar kit, and taking advice on what to look for. 2008 Naish Boxer 5.8m, 80quid. Now on the look out for a 5.0 version.

    annoying masts are very pricey. my sail is for an RDM mast, apparently I can get away with a SDM, but i’ve stretched a bit and gone for a 2010 naish rdm 90 at 115quid. i could have found an sdm for about 50, or a cheaper less carbon rdm for about 75. anyhow the thinking being that its a 400 so will suit the smaller sails and i’ll get away with one mast.

    on the look out now for a boom, extension and base. but i reckon all up i’ll get on the water for just over 300quid. not bad!


    Yup indeed it can be done for that kinda money. Best lookout at boot sales for cheap stuff. Only thing about masts are the joins and the mastbase area and the tip. Just check for any cracks in these areas. I have to say repairs on masts is a bit pointless, if it breaks you are in the drink and it’s a long swim back.. or paddle if you kept hold of the board.
    Booms are cheap, anything JP/Amex/Naish and you are looking at about £50-70 tatty examples and you can get them new for £100 so think about that (but what you’ve found so far a s/h tatty boom will be fine)

    Sounds like you’ve found some good kit, JP freewaves are good boards and the Boxers a good sail, well done you.

    Take it easy, have fun. 😀


    The Mistral Bermuda is still here as are 2 masts and a couple of sails. Board has a mast foot, daggerboard and retracting fin. Still free to anyone wanting to dip their toes, all you need is a boom. Anyone?

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    AHD Diamond 54 and a Pryde 6.3 VX Ltd are awesome. My only board and sail for a masssiuve range of conditions.

    ProLimit for a reasonable quality entry level boom.
    Try and find a NOrthXT extension for downhauling Boxers , they set all on downhaul with 2 fingers pull of outhaul.

    They are different type of sail than you used to use , almost square in shape with the top 1/3 designed to deflect and twist off , allow the power to vent and decrease in the gusts. Good idea to go RDM , they sit and rotate better on thinner masts. They do rig on SDM , but not as smooth rotations , at least that is what i have found with mine ( 5.8 )

    JP FSW 84 is a nice little board , guess its Yellow and white with a pointy nose ? You might want to look for a 90 – 95L FSW board to complement it . That way you can wobble out to waves in 15+knots , pump like mad and get a ride in if its clean and lighter winds . Unless you weigh 11st , then you might get away with the 84L

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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