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  • anyone windsurf? need some advice!
  • Would love to help but I’m nearly as out of touch as you. At least my kit is still in the shed. It will re-emerge one day.

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    I’ve both JP and Starboard which i love. Unfortunately the old measure of board length and volume is out the window now, with most boards ebing sub 240 long. It’s apparently more about width.

    I’ve a 117l Starboard iSonic i use for flat water cruising with a 9.4 RS Slalom and a 93l JP freestyle wave that does a mixture of higher wind crusing and playing in the waves. I can get away with 6.5 – 4.7 on the JP.

    I’ve bought most boards via eBay but i’ve bought my sails from Riks Windsurfing. He has quite a lot of high quality 2nd hand kit so might be worth giving him a shout


    Premier Icon iainc

    taking me back now this one 😛 I gave up in late 80’s when doing finals at Uni, as had to make a decision one way or other. Competed at Scottish National level, sponsored by local shop, quiver of Mistral boards, Tushingham sails, Gul wetsuits and a Vitamin Sea wave board, all part sponsored…

    Long gone, but would love to try it again !


    I still have my Sunset Slalom sitting in my shed. The Mistral Stinger and F2 Lightning World Cup Race and quiver of sails have gone long ago. I still hanker after it, conveniently forgetting the hours of driving to the coast only to sit there waiting for the wind….any wind and returning home all grumpy because I had spent a whole day sitting around doing nothing.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Starboard seem to be the major brand around that vintage. Loads of choice in all disciplines. The Carve is a good freeride all rounder.

    I also like Fanatics and Tabou, but recently RRD has made a big comeback and their Firemove range is a bit of a game changer.

    These days it’s all about width (not length or even volume) and the 130 litre Firemove will carry my 9.6 sail even though it’s only236 long! But 85 wide. Thing is – I wouldn’t need the 9.6 because it absolutely flies in a tiny bit of breeze with a 7.5. And it still keeps control in a force 5.

    Sails aint changed a lot. I go to Tarifa and places like that and get to use brand new top line rental kit. When I get home my own stuff isn’t a lot worse or different.

    Last year I took my old Tiga 257 (85 litres) and a Pryde 4m Combat both dating from 1992 up to West Kirby and it were a rite larf.

    And the good news is – Boardwise in Cannock is still going strong and has masses of old kit for sale. And that’s me on the April gallery cover. Sporting a 5m Pryde from 1994 which still seems to work.

    Give them a call and they’ll help you out. Should be doing a weekend demo at Aberdovey pretty soon, so handy for a bit of biking at Mach or CYB.


    Feeling all nostalgic now – almost forgot I used to do this stuff. Happy days sailing round the islands on the West Coast. Luing, Shuna, Scarba etc. Great fun. Some scary tidal rushes too.

    Wish I had kept my board now.

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    my claim to fame from all those years ago is me and my windsurfing mate at the time were the first to take waveboards to Tiree – we liked it so much we got the Scottish Funboard Cup to try it as a change to Macrihanish – it eventually became the Tiree Wave Classic and the rest is history 🙂

    You need to pop over to the Boards Forum

    Although a shadow of it’s former self, there is a lot of knowledge and helpful people there. It’s a bit like here, but more ‘niche’ 😉

    There are a few people from there who post here, but you will probably get a better response over there

    long and short… i grew up windsurfing, was (excuse the possible boast here) well above average ability, last boards/quiver were world tour race/wave level kit… but that was well over 15 years ago and i have’nt sailed since and all my gear is long gone. i am totally out of touch with brands and designs.

    got a hankering to buy a board and a few sails off ebay to light/moderate wind blast around on, predominantly coastal flat water with maybe the odd wander into small onshore waves. in old money boards something around 275 with a 6.5 and 5.5’ish sale. cruisey perfdromance rather than full on, but not too soft recreational (got given an f2 axxiss one time and i hated it).

    probably looking at kit from around 2008-2010, whats good especially board wise? do not want bic!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Still got all our gear in the garage [ 3 boards 3 masts 4 booms and 8 sails plus a quiverrack] with a view to getting back out. Holidays in Fuerte have been swapped for holidays in the Alps.


    I also grew up windsurfing, never any good as I preferred riding my bike! Dad was always out and our garage was full of stuff from the early 80s (triangle sails and tie-on booms to the mid 90s – narrow boards and monster fins!)

    Funny to hear of the Quiverrack, IIRC that was designed and sold by an enterprising father and son in my home town.

    Still get on a board once in a blue moon, the new boards are much easier to sail – I still prefer bikes though!


    Most boards these days come in Width and Liters measurements.. So, so this means looking at Liters first, I ride a couple of wave boards, a 92ltr twinfin, an 84ltr quad and I’ve a slalom JP 110 litre. So if you are looking at free ride/slalom for carving jybes you’ll need 115-125 ltr board that’ll hold between a 6mtr through 7.5 maybe 8.5mtr at a push.. Waves then sub5.7mtr sails for my boards above and both best suited from 4.5-5.7 range.
    eBay can be a good place to get kit, there is a JP Slalom 110 on there at the mo for £499 and a Tabou Manta for similar money, both excellent for flat/bumpy free riding and some slalom racing beating your mates.
    However, there are a lot of online windsurf shops that have deals on, Riks Windsurfing/Boardwise/RoHo/Solent sailboards (now called 24/7) to name a good few. These shops tend to have last years kit in or ex demo, some bring in kit from hire centres abroad but I’d steer clear of that stuff as invariably it’s thrashed.
    From all that choice you should get sorted for about £1000 for a decent free ride board/rig/ one sail, maybe two..
    Don’t go for anything older that say 08, things haven’t moved on that much since then, they have but not mahooosively but 09/10/11 boards should be easy obtained within your budget.
    If you fancy a weekend of blasting I can thoroughly recommend my club, HISC in Chichester Harbour, were a friendly bunch and always someone hacking the trots in + 15knt winds, if you do fancy it i can show you around, email in profile..

    Welcome back, windsurfing s Ace. 😀


    Anyone else have a Stinger?

    I remember my first time on it. It was blowing fairly well (5 to 6). As it was a full on sinker under my (then) 16 stone, it needed a good stiff breeze to get fired up. Anyway, I stuck my Gaastra 5m on it (the ones with the yellow external camber inducers), hooked in and was totally blown away by the speed. I had never sailed anything so mind numbingly fast, you only had to think to make it carve….talk about getting a buzz. The thing is, if the wind dropped I was stuffed.

    Sadly, I left it with the LBS (local board shop????) for a repair to the pads and some bleep burned the place down and my board went with it.

    The highs were awesome, the bad days were pooh!

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Yes I’ve sailed a Stinger at Club Vass, many years ago. But I still preferred the Tiga 257.

    I had 2 of those Gaastra Wave Slalom sails. I trashed the 4.4. in Lanzarote back in ’93. Los Charcos bay, swept onto the rocks. Noble wanted to see the sail to see if it could be repaired. I sent the remains in an A4 envelope. I still have the 3.4 but it’s not been used in a while.

    I think the best high wind wave board I’ve sailed recently was a JP Freestyle Wave, but I spent a lot of time in the water at Sotavento reading the words “Full Wood Sandwich” close up.

    The thing is, these days you can have a lot of powered up planing in very light winds and still have proper gybing and blasting fun.


    I windsurfed from about 1980 until a week before my first daughters birth (so Jan 2000) – mainly went blasting down the wall at West Kirby which was brilliant fun. Spent many many hours there waiting in my van drinking soup waiting for the wind to pick up. Did the odd trip to lanzaraote and fuerte as well to keep the GF happy!
    Still got my gear although I’d be laughed at now! Must get it out again one day….

    Unused by Metal-Chicken, on Flickr


    I did not get on with Tigas for some reason though I would often be passed by folk on them (while I was on the Sunset).

    I never got to Vassiliki but did two trips to Turkey (Yallikavak and Bodrum) where it was supposed to be constant high winds (force 4+) from about 11 am every day. Suffice to say, neither delivered and we spent two lots of two weeks musing on goat droppings and the number of unused and unusable board on offer).



    I have had a few years off, although my intention is to get down to the south coast for some flat water blasting as much as possible.

    All my kit is fairly old but still works. Such a great way to spend time!

    good call bikebouy, i know hisc very well indeed, both the sailing and the bar. i grew up on hayling.

    about 100’ish L is what i was thinking, and the jp boards seem to me to be well regarded so thats good to know. the x cite and the freewave interest me.

    wish i had a bit more cash as i’ve seen a few nice boards around that 399 mark, but i’m hoping for a bit under 500 and even then don’t tell the wife!

    for everyone else saying they’d like to get back into it check out what stuff goes for on ebay, some silly cheap deals especially on local collect. i’m in west cornwall and have been kicking myself the last few weeks i’m not a bit more central.

    then again the other option is a slightly bigger wave board, with a 5.5 and a 5. wave stuff seems to be very cheap. then go for a slalom board and bigger sails in the spring.

    i can see a van full of kit coming again, damn how did that happen!!!


    Cool, well Hayling Boot sale still runs, but I cant remember what day of the months it’s on, first Sun of the month or something like, I’ll ask a mate who goes regularly. You can always pick up a decent 100-115ltr free ride board form there, always seem to be a good set of stalls with plenty of kit, you may be able to kit yourself out all in one trip.. Deffo get a board, decent enough/hardly used etc. for £350-400 JPs still popular boards so too starboard carves etc..
    If you know HISC pop in, say Hi. 😀

    would love to, but i live in west cornwall these days.

    JP Xcite range very well regarded as are the Carve from Tabou
    Hayling boot fair throws up some amazing bargains , be there early and proper haggle.
    To reiterate forget length and volume and ‘sinker’ boards . Its all about width these days . For what you describe you would not go far wrong with a 110L freestyle wave Fanatic Skate is popular .Will work from 4.7 – 6.0 sail range and go from maybe 18knots – 24knots. RRD , JP , Tabou , Mistral all good quality boards , some of the early RRD FSW were very light ( 04 / 05 + yellow ) and snapped ( I snapped mine clean in half flat landing a big jump )

    Masts are RDM or SDM , check your sail will work on both , or one or the other . Get it wrong and the sail might just not handle nicely . Also some masts now are quick tip , or constant curve . Some Taper, so start SDM and go skinny quickly. Check your IMCS rating and Carbon content.

    Booms much of a muchness but all come with decent clamps now, none of that lashing it on with string nonsence. ProLimit entry level acceptable weight and robustness

    Sails . More powerfull , more tunable , bigger wind ranges . Most set on alot of downhall and a touch of outhall. Get a North XT to make the best use of the tunability of a tight or loose leech , which aids the venting in gusty condiditons. Gun are good value ,Ezzy for grunt,North for quality and longevity.

    Wetsuits , Spend alot . Sparten for me , but whatever fits and doesnt flush is essential

    In that case spend a day at Coverack windsurfing with Robin .
    He sells some last years kit off normally and gives excellant lessons.

    Down on the Lizard , but they close in a few weeks . Lovely cornish fishing village , all quality kit , rescue boat etc . Not cheap but might save you ££££’s and stop you buying a Vitamin Sea or Mistral Shredder coz they were cool in the 80’s

    Jeez sharkbaits shot could have been taken in my loft. Screamer by the looks of it. Clearly still a lot of us around;-)

    Do you still get out to Tiree Ianc?


    Or you could give Kitesurfing a go . . . ducks for cover!

    done kitesurfing… liked it but never could get used to having a huge bit of cloth attached to me. getting dragged accross a semi dry reef in surf with a spinning kite, lines so clogged with weed i could’nt release, was the end of my confidence.

    singletrack, thanks for the advice. i’ll check the north sails out. luckily i know a bit more than to buy a vit sea, new waves 275 all the way for me.


    Ahhhh, windsurfing – yes, that was my passion for years (might help my username make sense). I also got into Kitesurfing more recently – better for the UK with its generally lighter winds.

    Now having two 8 month old babies, and having moved from the south coast to Northamptonshire with work, I’m not exactly getting out much, so will probably be selling off my 2003 windsurf kit soon (My much loved Fanatic Goya wave board and Ezzy Wave sails) and maybe also the kitesurf kit (Cabrinha Contra and Crossbow kites plus boards etc)…


    Starboard Carve is a brilliant all rounder, varying volumes around depending upon your ability to waterstart, They are a bit hard to find but worth it if you can find one.

    Also have a Go200 which is like sailing a dining table but carries an 8.5m rig with a 56cm fin and planes up very early so gets out plenty waiting for the wind to pick up.

    There’s a Mistral Bermuda lying on the drive which you can have if you’re close enough to fetch it or interested in sailing something oldschool – daggerboard and retractable fin still there plus mastbase. Its a big plastic thing that weighs a ton but sails well as my 2 lads learned on it.

    Premier Icon Wally

    Hi-Fly 300 was out this summer – nearly 30 years old and still made me smile. Everybit of kit was original, including the Pryde sail that sagged over the boom.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    *applauds wally*
    Ace old stuff.
    We had an old Hi-Fly float down the loch one day and not be claimed: and had most of what we needed in the back of the kitstore. That which was missing was bodged in true outdoor instructor style (wooden battens, taken from hazel tree behind staff house…). Awesome fun. 8)


    Funny old sport, too often crap conditions in the UK and too faffy – makes group MTB riding look efficient – but when it’s good it’s unbeatable fun.

    I ended up scratching the itch by buggering off to Vass for a holiday, first season of the week, so brand new kit too. Was amazed that I could just hop straight back on and into the straps after so long off (my last board was a Gecko 298 so I’m pretty out of date too) – turns out it’s like riding a bike in that respect.

    Spent 7 days laughing my tits off, overpowered on a 4.5 wave sail most of the time, knocking out kilometre long runs. I figure I’ll just do that again in a few years rather than sink money into kit again.

    RRD Firemove (I think) was what I got on best with – wasn’t as manoeuvrable as the Starboard but it was a much better blasting board – very point and shoot which was great considering the time off I’d had. Didn’t get on with the Fanatic Shark all that much – just didn’t want to go in the same way (heavy?)


    Just checked on the Hayling Boot Sale,,1st Sunday of the month.

    Premier Icon Wally

    Thanks Matt – built to last – amazing quality plastics – actually quite fun on the sea with a breeze. The dodgy handtied harness rope is a pain though. The harness is another classic from the early 80’s, when you look this bad having “BJ boarding” emblazoned on your back is the least of your worries….


    I’ve got a quiver of sails and masts and a 2005 Starboard Kombat gathering dust. I haven’t windsurfed for 8 years now, but I’m determined to get back into it one day. The Kombat in the 85l wood version, and it’s the best board in the world for south coast onshore mush. I used to sink up to my knees on the Kombat, but since I got into cycling I’ve lost so much weight it’ll probably feel like a barge now.

    It’s crazy how expensive kit is these days though. I’ve seen some top end boards retailing for £1800+.

    its always been silly money that since it eveloved from one board one sail windsurfing. i was on cost price once upon a time and my last slalom board cost me 1200quid and that was mid 90s.

    flip side, super cheap used. i’m debating a hardly used 6.5 naish ’08 redline model for 120 and i think its a bit pricey.

    rogerthecat, where are you? an old mistral like that would be great for my 10yr old to learn on.


    My old F2 Strato was out a couple of times this Summer.
    It’s my daughter that keeps insisting on giving it another try. She’s getting there. 😀
    (There is clearly still hope for the younger generation)


    @gavtheoldskater – Peak District – what could be better a trip to pick up a board mixed with some nice riding?

    There a couple of masts and sails I’ll throw in too (full length masts so bring some red rags!!!)

    I also travel up and down to London/Coventry/Chalfonts on a regular basis so if any of them are easier I can meet you somewhere, always good to get a youngster on the water.

    Dont be cruel to kids making them learn on old skool stuff. Find a modern board with some decent volume and more importantly 75+ cm under foot.
    It will be lighter , alot more stable and manoeverable than some old thermoplsatic aircraft carrier.Some even have soft foam decks so no need for wetsuit boots.
    Uphauling and tacking these modern wide boards is easy, given the right conditions and progress is made in hours, not weeks.


    But where’s the skill in that? It’s like criticising parents who make their kids ride rigid bikes with 12 gears and centre pull brakes! Just me then?

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