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  • Anyone who lives in a Tenement flat (Edinburgh or Glasgow really)
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    Interested in opinions / experience:


    What do you recycle?
    How do you recycle? (collection, bins on street, bins at Supermarket etc)

    Why not? (serious question)
    What would incentivise you to recycle?


    A source of argument between me and my missus.

    WE have a rubbish wheelie bin 80m away with a mixed packaging recycling point, the nearest paper bin is 160 m away and the nearest glass point 900m away.

    I don’t believe that mixed packaging waste is effective enough to bother – she does. I certainly don’t think exporting glass cullet is any use as happens with most green glass waste. So she does mainly I do sometimes.

    Incentives – disposal points nearer – we don’t drive so glass in particular is an issue.

    Reduce, reuse, recycle – I believe firmly in the first two and am dubious about the third.

    A particular annoyance is the small Scottish breweries – most use the same bottles but they are not collected for reuse – a total nonsense

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    Good good.

    For info, there’s a glass recycling plant in Edinburgh (near Dalkeith – searchy) that actually imports glass from Canada because they reuse their bottles and have no market for the wine bottles they import. The cullet is mostly sent to Stirling to be made into glass fibre insulation.

    Agreed about Scottish breweries.

    Oh, and mixed packaging waste is effective in that it gets sorted and re-used. Whether you think its enough personally is your shout. Annoying that they don’t recycle more plastic, but the tender’s up for renewal this year so maybe…

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    In Glasgow we get recycling bins for each block, you can put plastic bottles, cans and paper in it. Bottle recycling is about 500m away. It’s always full.


    In govanhill we used to sort our plastic paper and alu. into separate bins. Then they tipped it all into the SAME truck and resort it at polmadie with with their big fancy sorter. Now they have just given us one wheelie bin for paper plastic and alu. The bins all need to be in the one place. The Glass is out on the street.

    There is no hope for our lovely asian neighbours that just chuck their black bags out the window.

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