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  • Anyone vinyl wrapped kitchen cupboard doors?
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    As above really.
    Our kitchen doors could do with a makeover.
    Spraying is too expensive, Howdens don’t sell to the public and I can’t be bothered to trawl Facebook for replacements.
    So, how hard can it be?
    Amy recommendations for the best vinyl to use?

    Found THIS on Amazon.


    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    No, but I’ve watched it being done.

    The door is scrupulously finished then sprayed with a primer that enables the vinyl to stick. A sheet of vinyl is placed on a hot liquid-filled cushion, the door is placed on top and pressure is applied to mould the vinyl into each profile and to stretch it then compress it around the sides. The door is taken off and the surplus is trimmed off with a knife.

    Pretty much impossible as a DIY task.

    If standard sizes and hinge spacings get them from B&Q. If not, contact me and I’ll get them made to measure from HPP for about £25 a door.

    Premier Icon zilog6128
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    It’s very hard to do a good job. If you have no experience of fitting vinyl I’d say basically impossible. That vinyl you’ve linked is also one of the worst you can get – known as “Shite-rama” in the trade 😀 – and is just a general vinyl not architectural, so not suited to this task. 3M Di-Noc is the industry standard for this job, but it isn’t cheap. Cover Styl is also decent.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    Thanks all.
    Will look at the better quality vinyls and other doors.

    Premier Icon slowol
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    My wife is currently doing the opposite on fitted bedroom furniture. It was peeling a bit when we moved in so pulled the vinyl off to reveal the MDF below then primer and cupboard paint (from B&M IIRC). Looks good and no way we could justify the replacement cost of cupboard doors for the fully fitted bedroom they’re in.
    She did spend a while online looking stuff up and is considering painting the kitchen cupboards which are getting tired.

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    You could always have them sprayed.

    Or it that proves to be expensive work out how much a decent spray kit costs and do it yourself. It’s about 50 quid per door.

    A kit from Fuji
    (one of the best bits of kit starts about the price of 9 doors. But you get to keep the spray system and its not just the doors as there’s kickboards, end panels, cornices and pelmets to be factored in.

    Premier Icon lightman
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    Just give it a go, for £17 what have you got to lose!
    I did mine a few years ago, similar stuff.
    My doors are flat, so easy enough, just give them a good clean before you start, I took mine of to do them. Spray plenty water over the doors so you can move the vinyl about until you have it where you want, then squeegee the excess water out, I used a bank card.
    Trim the excess with a sharp blade and that’s it.

    Premier Icon dovebiker
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    Most cabinet doors are standard sizes. Try someone like DIY Kitchens, they’ll sell you doors only. We bought our kitchen from them, it was better quality and way cheaper than Howdens.

    Premier Icon TheDTs
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    Also in the trade.
    What Zilog says really.
    That Ritrama will do flat door faces but not easily wrap the edges and corners.
    A temporary fix maybe? It will probably shrink a load if you only wrap the face.
    I would find something a bit better than Ritrama, something with air channels in the adhesive would be easier for a non skilled fitter to use. (Dry though not with soapy water)

    Premier Icon andywill
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    We have just painted our daughters kitchen using Frenchic paints & its come out very well. We vinyl wrapped the work tops & that was a difficult job, I can’t imagine how tricky it would be to do all the doors in a kitchen.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    Thanks all – doors are flat, so no awkward shapes or recesses to worry about.

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