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  • anyone using/used stroker trails?
  • gavtheoldskater
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    seem to be the best deal around by far at the moment, wondered if anyone was using them and had a view (esp how they compare to juicy 7 which i like, but they are 80quid more)?

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    They are a bit wooden and very on/off brakes, upside is they are pretty powerful and the pads seem to last forever (especially compared to Avid’s)

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    I did have some of the Stroker Rydes just before Xmas & I really liked them,nice adjustable levers & super powerful.Imagine the Trails would be better as they are the next ones up in the range.

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    I know all these things are personal, but I’m using the trails and they feel no more or less on/ off than my mini mono’s, and seem a bit more powerful(no idea how they compare to anything else), and pad life seems about the same. My only gripe is the adjuster on the lever for reach seems prone to corrosion, so I have to keep popping a bit of wd40 on it to keep it smooth, not the best design for the uk but not to much trouble. Overall I like them.

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    similar experience to richc. Compared to the Magura Louise I run on the rest of my bikes the feel and modulation is terrible. However, for the money, I think they are not bad brakes/

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    I’ve just fitted some Rydes and have been very impressed. Soooo simple to fit, good modulation and plenty of power – I guess the Trails must be even better.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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