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  • Anyone using skype on a mobile?
  • Premier Icon brant

    Running it via Fring on Orange on E71.
    Works ace for texting.
    Works fine for voice in a 3g area (even when moving).

    Still not sure what sort of data useage is going on, will look at bill that’s arriving any day.

    Aha, interesting brant, hadn’t thought of that. Will investigate.

    As title really… My mobile is about on its last legs (orange screen jobby, about 10 years old) and when it finally gives up the ghost was thinking about getting a mobile that you can use skype on. Anyone on here done this? I use skype a fair bit for family/friends already, but not too sure how it works as a mobile setup. I’ve read some contradictory reviews of the 3 network skype stuff online, but has anyone on here any experience? How reliable is it? How does it work with coverage etc? What options are there other than 3?

    Thanks, c_p.


    Got the app on the iPhone and it seems to work ok over LAN when I’ve tested it. I’ve not given it a try on 3G yet, but it should do for when I have to go to the US and need to call home.


    tried over the 3 network, there was noticeable (just under a second or so) lag which made conversation difficult.

    gave up….

    Premier Icon Flash

    I think with Three Skype is included in the basic package so no data charges though. I’ve got a Three phone but never used it.

    I’ll shut up now


    Use Fring app on old Symaian OS based Nokia (using GPRS), ace with Skype messaging, call voice quality ok, but some lag, so not best for intimate conversations!, aslo use same app on IPAQ on WLAN, better (less Lag)but not as good as mobile or Skype on Braodband.

    Hmmm… I’ll have to do some more research I think. I already worked out I won’t be getting an iphone, seeing as it costs a fortune ( I never realised, and to think I even traced the owner of an iphone I picked up on the hill the other week and they didn’t even thank me after I rode round to deliver it).

    The attraction of 3 is that it might work out cheaper as there are no data charges (therefore skype-skype is totally free), as Flash says, but I should try and figure out the various costs.

    Thanks for the opinions though folks, always a mine of information this place.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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