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  • Anyone using Magura Wotans?
  • bloodynora

    Seen a set of new 09’s at what I think is a reasonable price so just wondered if anyone has any feedback and what bike/setup they have them paired with?

    Cheers all


    Got them on here.

    Heavier than my 36’s. Had to spend a bit of money on them after I bought them of fleabay but now they are great. Super stiff and drop down to 120mm with remote. The Albert select is also on a remote on mine but I don’t use it. Just set and forget. The rebound is a little weak ie its all the way to plus to get just enough damping without using the Albert. A heavier weight oil would probably solve this though. If you can get some cheap and all the functions work ok, they’re a good bit of kit if you don’t mind the weight.


    Cheers for the feedback Swede nice one. Take on board your info on the weight though hope to counter it with going tubeless and changing a few other parts on the bike for some lighter stuff. Shall see.

    Thanks anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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