Anyone using a VW Caddy Maxi Life in real life for biking?

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  • Anyone using a VW Caddy Maxi Life in real life for biking?
  • Suggsey

    Having seen some of the threads on VW Transporter Kombi Sportlines and really getting the lust for one in October as my retirement present to myself, I have since done some more research into vehicle excise rates and done a few insurance quotes. The young side of me really wants one but Mr Sensible inside me is now looking at the VW Caddy Maxi Life based on the Caddy Maxi but with proper removeable seats. Insurance is ridiculously cheap even on the 140bhp DSG equipped model and vehicle excise £200 a year. As an added benefit the mpg even out of the 140 bhp is up around the late 40’s. (I drive a Caddy SWB in 140bhp daily and its pretty good for a van with lots of torque and fuel economy is as claimed).
    I have even been sad enough to view some You Tube stuff to make sure bikes will fit in (with seats removed).
    My main concerns are (despite the fact that I have no problems with my works Caddy), are there any issues/faults that owners have had come up and how does the upholstery stand up to use as from my point thats the major downside with the interiors. Shame they dont offer leather as an option like the Fiat Doblo equivalent vehicle.
    Anyway, now reason with me not to start picking colours etc etc etc Before October.


    Using heavy duty waterproof seat covers from in my Caddy, seats are like new underneath, despite being nine years old.


    If you are buying a vehicle of that value and you want leather, just get the seats done once you own it.
    It’s a fraction of the overall cost, and probably cheaper than factory leather as an option anyway.
    Plus you can have any colour/design/style you like.

    EDIT: while you are at it, fit some MK5 Golf seats in the front, faaaar better than the caddy ones.


    Thanks for the replies, looks like there will not be many of us in the car parks in the near future 😀


    I love my caddy maxi life, drives like a car. Handles 7 passengers and has a boot that fits a running buggy. I remove the rear seat, slide it to the side then my 29er glides in standing up next to my sons 26er. Seats after 6 months are doing well, 4 children test it to the max.

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    er I did not read this thread I recently did similar sums working out its probably cheaper on ferries, insurance road tax and fuel and probably second hand will attract a wealthier 7 seat family car buyers than a transporter kombi. I saw a trio at Llandegla with a C10 Maxi 7 seat window van who i saw managed the bikes ok so a 140 dsg arrives on friday. As far as leather seats go I just stopped by a local motability dealer who have the exact same car on their forecourt so popped my head in out of curiosity to see it had front and middle seats in a creamy leather so the customer must have specced leather. I also bought the vw rear 3 bike rack (my golf vw 2 bike rack has been bomb proof) so either if its really muddy the bikes can stay outside on the drive home or possibly take advantage of the 140ps to lug 5 riders out on a ride

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    Post some pics (including bikes inside) when you get it as we’re looking at the same thing

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    I looked at one as a replacement for my trafic, but a 140 bhp with a few toys was like £22k !!
    Still fancy one but that’s crazy money


    I keep flipping between a Touran or a Yeti. I hadn’t thought to look at the Caddy but may take a quick glance.

    I want heated seats though and it would seem that it’s not a popular option on the Touran.


    Oh bugger now there is going to be loads of them lol.
    They do heated front seats as an option on the caddy maxi life too.
    I know that it is going to be relatively expensive but they really fit the bill-checked one out at the local dealers and it it cavernous.
    Only thing is now the colour, I fancy bright orange with limousine privacy glass and black alloys but the misses thinks it will look cheap- I pointed out I would be less likely to misplace it in a big car park.
    As for reliability a little birdy told me that on the back of British Gas original purches of some caddys for their new fleet they have just ordered another 2000 vehicles, so any fears of any reliability issues are null and void.
    I am going for the factory fit tow bar as I already have a three bike carrier for tow ball should we want to pack extra riders in.

    On the reliability front my work runs something like 230 Caddys for the past couple of years after swapping from Transit Connects. No major problems. Love driving mine, just wish I had weekend use of it and didn’t have metal racking taking up the entire load bay.

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