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  • Anyone using a Hope R4 Light on the bars?
  • any real world views on it please? how does it compare to say a exposure maxx d?

    says it has 1000 proper lumens with 1446 generated lumens?

    it looks nice and neat and the mount looks great, also like the fact it has a power button on the unit itself

    however downside is it doesnt have a battery level indicator?

    any thoughts appreciated

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    Great light but personally I never liked the fact that the mount wasn’t q/r. That’s why I’m about to stick it on the classifieds, let me know if you’re interested (4 cell version, 12 months old but not used for the last 5 months).

    Yes, Its brilliant. It works its waterproof.
    The bracket is not QR but the light is.
    I also use some aye ups on my cycling helmet for a bit extra though.

    I don’t mind leaving the bracket on the bars, as long as the light unit comes off that’s fine with me

    Interested to hear how it compares to other lights to if you have any experience


    That was the best money I ever spent.. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Quality is superb. Love the way the bracket stays on the bike and the light just clicks on and off. Wish they could sell extra brackets for less than £40 though.
    Beam spread is uniform and wide. It’s a nice piece of kit.

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    Works well on the bars, nice flood beam.
    Not so good helmet mounted, it doesn’t throw it’s light very far.
    Mounts work well. Legendary customer service but pricey.
    Probably better options for the money.

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    Mounts aside it’s a very similiar light to the Magicshine MJ-872, almost identical in use but almost twice the price… Oh and does have the Hope weak cable issue, mate of mine is on his second replacement cable- yes they fix it fast and free but they replace it with another one the same rather than fixing the actual design flaw…

    But they are still nice. Good options etc, feel really quality in the hand.

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    I’ve got one- just got back from a ride using it in fact. It’s a great quality piece of kit but I have to say I’ve been a bit disappointed in the power. It gives great close flood but it doesn’t throw light very far down the trail at all. If I were looking now I’d be considering spending the extra on an R8 or another brand

    hmmmm – interesting, ive seen the r8 too which is a great light lamp unit but that battery is huge

    seriously cant really understand how anybody will be able to mount the battery on the frame, i thought it would be a similar size battery to the 4 cell one on the hope r4 but its just mahoosive 🙁

    the power of it would be immense though out on the trail


    I’ve got one and it’s a great light. It gives more than enough light for riding in woods on tight single track at a reasonable speed.

    Build quality is excellent and the battery life is also very good, 3.5 hours of riding on 2/3 high power and the battery still wasn’t flat.

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    I read that as asking if anyone was using a hora light ::)

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    You could always go for a longer stem to fit it neatly under. 🙂

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