anyone using 2014 Defrosters ?

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  • anyone using 2014 Defrosters ?
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    And how do they size up ? I have a pair of the old velcro fastened ones which are great, but getting a bit tired, so a few weeks ago tried the 2013 boa ones. They were too narrow and tight. I always go one size up from Spesh shoes for winter boots.


    Tried the 2013 and 2014 ones on a few weeks ago. Both felt (and looked) the same size wise. New ones have better insulation apparently. Went for the 2013 cos they were half price.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Thanks Kevin – I also went for the half price 2013 ones, but had to send them back as although labeled 45 as per my old ones, they were way too narrow by comparison. Think I’ll pop into LBS and try on a 46. All my spesh shoes are 44, and old defrosters 45, which are spot on with a single pair of thick hiking socks.

    Premier Icon domderbyshire

    I sent my 2013 ones back as they were too narrow. I went for MW81s in the end one size up and they fit nicely. it was a shame as the Defrosters look cool and all my other shoes by Specialized fit a treat.

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