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  • Anyone used Paul Hewitt Cycles in Leyland?
  • Premier Icon johni
    Free Member

    Hi All,

    I’m looking for a new LBS near to my place of work. I work in Leyland and wondered if anyone has experience of Paul Hewitt Cycles?

    I know Merlin and Ribble are local to me but was interested in a LBS with good workshop rather than supplier of bits.

    Any views appreciated!


    Premier Icon thestabiliser
    Free Member

    Yep, all good as far as I’m concerned

    Premier Icon mick_r
    Full Member

    Very good workshop (inc framebuilding so lots of tools for threading / reaming / chasing frames). Good wheelbuilding and good for ordering parts. Big focus is road and touring but they will also get mtb parts in if you ask.

    If you want somewhere for specific mtb work and advice (disc problems, suspension pivots, forks etc) then Ride On at Rawtenstall are the best place I know.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
    Full Member

    Very roadie oriented, makes and/or sells great road bikes, was very helpful and pleasant the one time I went in.

    Premier Icon johni
    Free Member

    Thanks for the rapid feedback. It’s a bit of a trip to Rawtenstall for me but my commute takes me the length of the M65 each day so I want somewhere I can just drop in on.

    I need a few bits and pieces and a spoke replacing/wheel truing so I’ll use that as a test run.

    Premier Icon reggiegasket
    Free Member

    +1 excellent wheel builder

    Premier Icon Lawmanmx
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    not the cheapest but there’s some great stuff in there for sure
    +1 on the excellent wheel builder 🙂

    Premier Icon traildog
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    Excellent workshop and great for wheels.

    Premier Icon mt
    Free Member

    Proper bike shop and you’ll get good service. It’s not one of those “johonny come lately” roady bike shops, it’s a road bike shop from when there was really only road bikes.

    Premier Icon wheelie
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    Does Gethin Butler still work there?

    Premier Icon johni
    Free Member

    I went and got good service. They didn’t have any of the bits I needed other than a spoke so I came out a whole 63p lighter!

    It meant I could spend the evening repairing and truing my wheel before refitting my ghetto tubeless tyre. Very satisfying!

    I’ll go back with a shopping list and see if they can order in the things I need.

    Premier Icon dingleberry
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    Definitely more road orientated, but a great shop – they know their stuff, never pushy or rushed. Paul built both my road and MTB wheels and they’re solid as a solid thing.

    Premier Icon globalti
    Free Member

    Paul Hewitt is the original taciturn but first class roadie bike shop owner; he will do a bike setup for you, judging much of it by eye and experience. I once watched him build up an Orbea for my pal and it was a joy to see such economy in motion, he had clearly done it thousands of times before.

    Premier Icon markgraylish
    Free Member

    Didn’t he used to build wheels for the GB Olympic squad yeasrs ago?
    Anyway, he’s built several wheels for me in the past and they’ve been very reliable.
    I also bought a road bike from him and had the full bike fitting experience.
    This was many years ago but based on that, I’d definitely recommend him…

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