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  • Anyone use SMARTY mobile?
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Looking to swap the family over from Virgin as the reception seems to have got shockingly bad over the last few months.

    Looked on U-Switch and SMARTY came up – they use the Three 4G/3G network.

    Anyone used them?

    Like the idea of a 1 month rolling contract and even money off next bill for unused data.

    Premier Icon fadda

    I’ve not heard if them, so in typical STW “recommend what you’ve got” fashion, I use giffgaff for fadda jnr’s phone, bad they’re pretty good – do the monthly thing you mention above, can change it every month if you want etc. Don’t think they refund or carry over any unused credit/data, though…


    In my experience 3 coverage is even worse than EE/Virgin. But will depend on where you are. Could get a cheap SIM to test it out anyway.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Thanks, Three is supposed to have ‘very good’ coverage inside and out for our area, half the time recently Virgin has no signal….


    Moved from Virgin to smarty late last year
    Coverage where I live and were I worked is better
    But then moved jobs and the new place has bad coverage, but no-one there gets good coverage on any network.

    Back in the house now and it’s been really handy.

    Be careful with the money back on unused data idea.
    It only works with certain deals now, not every deal like it used to.
    I don’t get it, but I do get a very good price for a huge data allowance on rolling contract.

    Switching and getting started was simple.

    They do a referral code thing to get a free month each. You could do you then wife then kid 1 then kid 2 and end up with a couple of free months each. Don’t do it all in one hit.


    I used them when I moved house and waiting for broadband ina old phone as a hotspot. They were fine but I don’t use them day to day as my main phone is a grey market Chinese import and doesn’t support the three frequency so I am on gifgaff.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    No, but been on my radar for a while. A tenner a month for 30GB of data is hard to beat…

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Thanks all.
    Just ordered a 30GB SIM to see how it goes.

    To be honest I could get all 4 of us the 30GB deals and still be cheaper than Virgin lol.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    What Ioum said, its been good – plus 30gb for £10 or their current offer of 100GB for £15.  Located in London.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    I’m on O2 unlimited mobile broadband, calls and texts. £35.
    I need it to run the business as I have no access to a landkline and it is pretty bloody great.


    I have had Smarty for the last 4 months. £10 a month for 4GB .. I never use even half that, so only end up paying about a £5 a month.
    No complaints from me; my wife has just moved over to them also.

    Premier Icon sv

    I moved to Smarty from GiffGaff and moved No2 son onto it also (both on 30Gb for £10), then setup us up in a group together and save another 10% – so £9 each. Signal can be a bit patchy but works ok.

    Premier Icon eskay

    I have been using Smarty for about 4 months, moved from Vodafone. Coverage seems ok, I am on 30gb and my son is on 50gb plan. Customer service is via email and can take up to 24hrs to respond. I only had to contact them because one of the Sims didn’t activate but it all got sorted and numbers ported fine.

    Been using smarty for over a year, got nothing bad to say about it


    30gb a month for a tenner here with a Huawei 4g router. Works better across the house than virgin wireless did. I’ve still added the AirPort Extreme as a wired over power repeater. Was all good till 2 of my 3 came back to me once uni closed. Going to need unlimited now!


    Was with them for well over a year with no issues, have changed recently to Plusnet though only because I have BB with them so I can get a better deal on data for less £(mates rates).

    Smarty was great though , bills were spot on and the web portal is easy to use, only negative would be that 3’s network can still be a bit spotty coverage wise.

    Both are miles better than Giff Gaff on my works phone, phone can show a full signal but yet no service when trying to upload data.

    Same phone on EE beforehand had no issues so must be O2’s shite network.


    Coverage for me isn’t bad but not as good as EE’s was. They are half the cost for what I need though.

    Premier Icon fatbikedog

    I have been on 3 for years and find the coverage ok. It does depend on area though. I am in east wales/ gloucestershire area.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    SIM arrived today – nice and easy to set up, and sent them my PAC code.
    Bonus of an additional sim in the pack – will set that up for my daughter.

    Coverage indoors seems better than Virgin so far – hasn’t dropped out yet.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    So 1 week on and all good.
    Daughter is set up with her own phone now and just in the process of swapping the Mrs and Son over.
    Customer service was good too when I
    ballsed up registering daughters SIM card by misspelling the email address so couldn’t access the account…..

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