Anyone use Shimano A600 clipless pedals?

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  • Anyone use Shimano A600 clipless pedals?
  • mtbtomo

    Has anyone any experience with these:

    Looking for a set of lightish pedals for my road bike, and came across these. I think they’re classed as a touring pedal. I wanted to keep with the Shimano mtb style cleat because I’m running four other sets of Shimano spds and have various pairs of shoes. I know I could use the Shimano trail pedals but these are lighter since they are single sided.

    And I don’t want to have a dedicated road pedal and new shoes to go with them.

    Amy thoughts? Would the single sided mechanism just become irritating?


    A light and functional pedal, I use them without any issues. The single-sidedness is no problem once you’re used to it.

    +1 light, good, easy to use. Buy them.


    Have them on my winter bike.
    Left one has got a bit wobbly now
    but just been fitted and forgoten
    Can’t fault then given the use they hae had


    Thanks for the replies – sounds like I should invest!

    Green Room

    I’ve got the cheaper a520’s on my road bike so I can wear my winter mtb boots. They’re ace. Very occasionally require a little flip to clip in the right side. Get the axle tool and servicing is easy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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