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  • Anyone use an Oscillating multi tool?
  • MrNutt

    ….if its not a personal question?

    WTF is an oscillating multi tool?

    I need to see one!


    I need to see one!

    With or without Dolphin attachment?


    My Mrs uses one at night, before bed. I’m not allowed to touch it without a fully supervised training course


    Yep I use one. I got mine from Lidl or Aldi and it runs on the mains. Its a great little tool and makes life really easy for those hard to get places.I’ve never tried a cordless one but Aldi are doing a them at the moment.
    Cordless Multifuntion Tool

    Ahh, I get it now.


    As in the title i’ve used one in the past and looking to buy one i cant decide whether to get a mains powered one or get a battery one. Do the battery ones last well or is mains the best option.



    Mains – they are pretty power hungry and because they are relatively inefficient due to short stroke length they often take a fair time to complete the job in hand.

    I fit kitchens and bathrooms and use my Fein on pretty much every job. Can’t comment on other makes though generally I am a Makita 18v fan for most tools but definitely mains for multitool. Get blades from eBay as original Fein blades (while excellent) are very expensive. On that basis the best value Fein package is the “top kit” or “top kit plus” Pay around £250 – absolutely worth every penny.


    Fein here too.
    Mains all the way have a 110v one and its been excellent


    Fein FTW.

    Probably the most useful power tool I own. (But pricey. Bosch and makita both do mains powered ones too now afaik.)

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Bosch mains variety here. Fantastic bit of kit, great for all those fiddly jobs.

    I’ve got the 10.8 Bosch and it’s excellent. not really much difference from the 240v version, battery lasts about 10 mins

    Premier Icon simonbowns

    I bought a Bosch mains version for our recent house refurb, bloody glad I did!

    Fein cutter is top end and i use one daily when boarders board over my fekking pipes, and for access doors, 12mm ply and double board, no issues mines a corded 110v, although some lads now have the makita 18v cordless variety and they seem to keep up with mine, so il be investing in a cordless one too. Best buy other than my cordless pipe cutter ; )

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I’ve got a battery one (green bosch in the sales) and often wish I’d gone for mains. I don’t need to use it often enough to have paid Fein money but its for the jobs where I need one its great. Mine came with one battery and a pretty slow charger (even though its li-ion) and without at least getting another battery its pretty limited.


    I’ve got the aldi cordless. Biggest problem is technique, don’t press too hard as you need to let it move. It was £30 as you can get spare lithium batteries direct from the helpline or the CPC one is the same (but red) and they sell the batteries cheap. In fact the cheap batteries is a very good reason to go for one of these ones as it means you can 1 or 2 spares ready.

    I would like to try a mains one though. But the battery one comes in handy when doing a quick job or one outdoors. Excellent for cutting out precise holes in wood but it’s no angle grinder replacement. Just another tool that has it’s uses and speeds up fiddly jobs.

    I’ve got a main one from Lidl. The word on the street is it is made by Bosch. It is worth it’s weight in gold for stripping out grout.

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