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  • Anyone use a CO2 pump?
  • flanagaj

    I think a 12g cartridge will do one road tyre, so you will only get a single inflation with 16g. I was hoping to try one myself, but when I screwed the cartridge on all of the C02 leaked out before I got chance to use it.

    They’re single use aren’t they? I think one cartridge will inflate a typical 26″ MTB tyre to about 60psi (so less for a 29er) and a typical 700c tyre ti around 120psi. I’ve used them twice, one test fire and once for real. Brilliant, but if you’ve got the press on type then use with gloves as they get very cold with ice forming around the nozzle and the canister.


    16g does one road tyre and a bit. Just about enough to ride on as a get you home fix.


    They’re single use aren’t they?

    Yes, but the actual pump may allow partial discharges (e.g. my Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus)

    ive got an genuine innovations one and it’s way beyond anything else i’ve tried, brilliant bit of kit and does partial discharge. I’ve had a puncture in a road tyre and you really need two cartridges, one to get air in which would get you home and the second would deffo get you up to 120psi or whatever needed


    I used one in anger at Winter Series RD2, got a puncture changed tube it was at least -2 out heavy frost , first cartridge did not fill 2.1 26″ tyre any more than half so used second cartridge but most of it discharged outside the valve as the CO2 had actually frozen the tube either side of the valve and the valve stem itself. No back up pump (my stupidity) resulted in long walk back to arena in shame.

    I guess they are good but my experience in the freezing conditions was not good.

    I have just got a co2 pump to use when I am doing some sportives this year. I saw one getting used last year and was very impressed. But, how many inflations do you get with a 16g cartridge and a skinny road tyre?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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