Anyone upped sticks and moved to a completely different part of the country?

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  • Anyone upped sticks and moved to a completely different part of the country?
  • badnewz

    My ancestors tilled this land, and I’m not leaving it, it’s in my blood, it’s life or death…
    Isiah Berlin had a term for people who can’t settle anywhere – rootless cosmopolitans.
    Seriously, we’ve got to protect what we have, we can’t all move to Somerset. All you need is an iron-will and a pitchfork.


    Couldn’t move to the country now anyway as I have two girls aged 3 and 7, great schools on our doorstep and walking distance for the girls, plus as they get older they’ll want the excitement and buzz of the city more than cows and fields. Plus I like that they’ll be streetwise growing up.


    jruk – Member
    …… and as I look out of the window I can see all the way down the Exe estuary to the beach and across to Haldon. We can be on Haytor in less than 15 mins and the beach in 20.

    This is what we want……..


    I am in the office which has amazing views – you’re not having my job 🙂

    But even from home we can see Dartmoor and the drive to/from work is just great – I’ve got out of the car to take pics sometimes. Never did that on the misery line.

    It’s ace down here.


    I moved from SE Essex to Salisbury in Wiltshire about 12 years back, chasing a job in a pretty specialist industry. I distinctly remember the train journey for interview left the impression of a place I’d like to live in.

    Nice local area, lots of green spaces, some hills.
    Closer to bigger hills and nicer beaches on the South Coast.
    More relaxed pace of life, generally friendlier people IMO.
    Less traffic.

    150 miles away from my Dad and a close circle of friends (other family emigrated).
    Lower salaries, fewer job opportunities.
    Slightly more expensive housing, fewer choices.
    Have to travel to go to gigs, museums etc.

    For me it was the right decision, though being away from family and friends is a big negative. It wasn’t so bad before I had a young family, but travelling is more difficult currently.

    Yup. Went from Sheffield to Edinburgh about 8 years ago. Left all my family & friends, moved up with the then-girlfriend/now-wife and had an absolute blast. Met great new friends, rediscovered biking, got good jobs, had a baby. That made us take stock. Cities are all well and good if you want the party lifestyle, but we’re past that now. So we’re a month away from moving to our dream house out in the sticks in Fife. 4 bed picture-postcard cottage for the price of a 2 bed flat in a reasonable part of Edinburgh, glorious views, great schools, beaches, hills, greenery, and 5 minutes from the mainline to Edinburgh/Aberdeen for our jobs. We’ve both experienced village life in the past, and realised that’s where Wee Ox is going to have the best childhood. It was a no-brainer.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Moved when kids were 7 and 9 from Bucks to Herefordshire. I was sick of working in London and our village was about to become aylesbury overspill with 900 new houses planned (which never got built but…). We wanted to be in a rural location but with close-ish decent schools and – natch – great hills for MTBing 🙂

    Considered Somerset/Bath/Bristol/Peaks/etc but ended up here as I could work in Brum. Kids were fine, no real issues there at all. Lifestyle is exactly what we want. Riding is awesome. Only thing we’d look at again is we moved to a tiny hamlet with no facilities so now kids are 12 and 14 we’re basically running a taxi service most nights.

    When I’m old and decrepit, I’m moving 6 miles to Ledbury as there are loads of really good pubs close together 😉

    No regrets here. A lot of it for me is not having to work in London but overall it’s been a fantastic experience.

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