Anyone upgraded to fibre broadband and it all went smoothly?

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  • Anyone upgraded to fibre broadband and it all went smoothly?
  • PaddyMcG

    Having trouble trying to upgrade to fibre broadband. Been going on for about a month now. First my ISP router didn’t turn up in time, so Mr. BT Openreach couldn’t fit it. Then my ISP told me of my new appointment, but never told BT. Another day wasted sitting in. Now my ISP tell me they can’t make a new appointment because BT have to do some work or something. Getting a bit fed up with it all.
    My brother has had similar grief with his upgrade, as has a colleague. And that’s 3 different ISPs.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with their upgradings?


    Will find out soon. It’s currently being rolled out at our exchange.

    Will continue with BT but will also continue with my own router, not the stupid BT one…


    the hustler

    Mine via sky went very smoothly, 0.5 meg to 40 meg connection, right choice….

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Dispite my exchange being enabled in Dec last year, I cannot get fibre due to the shonky wiring the BT used in 1992 when the house was built.

    We are connected to the exchange by direct wiring not via a cabinet, BTO say is not cost effective to upgrade my line or others in our street. They told me to apply for BDUK funding 🙄 so they can get a grant to install.

    So far its not going very well. 🙁


    I upgraded to BT infinity about a month ago. It’s only fibre to the cabinet but the installation went really smoothly and only took around an hour or so to actually install. Granted the router is now in the lounge rather than office but the system works and I can get about 30Mbps download and 8Mbps upload.

    BT may not be the cheapest but I can’t fault them on their service.


    I’m with Talktalk and upgraded a few weeks ago. I’m not fibre optic to the house but to the box 100 yds down the road and then telephone wire to the house. All went well apart from a few issues with the old phones on other extensions but the results are worth the extra few quid a month.

    Tijuana Taxi

    due to the shonky wiring the BT used in 1992 when the house was built

    Seeing as that system (E/O or Exchange Outlet) was/is used to connect many large buildings in our cities what makes you think it’s shonky. In fact lots of alarm companies used it along with other sensitive operational businesses.

    No doubt you had an excellent ADSL speed over copper and in time technology will exist to enable you to have superfast broadband too.


    Upgraded to BT infinity, the install was straight forward, but I did have to show the OR engineer how to set up the router:)

    Premier Icon giantjason

    Changed from O2 broadband to BT Infinity last June and everything went great. BT guy phoned me at 9am to tell me the process had started and he would be around in 30mins to do the house install.

    He turned up 30mins later and within the next hour installed all he had to and tested the line.

    I went from a DL speed of 5Mbps and UL of 0.5Mbps with O2 to a DL of 63Mbps and UL of 17Mbps.

    This has been pretty consistent over the last 6 months and have had no downtime. Highly recommended.

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Twice with BT Infinity. Chap arrived early both times, took 30 minutes to do the job and got the advertised speed.

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