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  • Anyone tried Oakley low light prism rose lens ???
  • Premier Icon jeb
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    on paper it looks good 75% light transmission rose lens…..

    I am riding the prism trail jawbone, and ride often in darker forest,
    so maybe this lens is the ticket!

    Premier Icon oceanskipper
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    The photochromic lens is what I’ve been using in the winter. It’s great for when the trees block out the light but the sun is still out elsewhere or even if it’s just a dark day.  I’ve got the road lens for the summer which is also great.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    Yep, had them for a while now, used for night riding or proper low light. Use the prizm trail torch for normal weather.

    Get them bought.

    Premier Icon grahamt1980
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    Have them on my snow goggles and they are awesome and happily i have just found they are now available for my flak 2.0 xl so am about to order some

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    I’ve got a pair in my Jawbreakers in the garage they are very good, especially when in and out of the trees.
    Just had another lens delivered for the ones in the camper whilst Oakley had a 20% off on them.
    Came from Italy but not had to pay any extra and postage was free.

    It’s straight from this jump into a wall drop and into the woods. My Prizm trails wernt that good with the light change

    Premier Icon snooze
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    I’ve ended up riding with the Prizm Trail Low Light lens all year round. I mainly ride wooded trails + my eyes aren’t overly sensitive to bright light. I found that in the UK the full Prizm Trail lenses only really work for me on bright sunny days a couple of months a year and are too dark for the rest of the year. I also haven’t felt the need to swap out the Low Lights for the clear lens that I used to ride in the winter. So for me they’ve become an all year round option.

    Premier Icon andylc
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    I don’t wear glasses when riding but use the high light version of Prizm Rose for skiing, best light goggles I’ve used with really good clarity and contrast.

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