Anyone tried an Aliso saddle?

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  • Anyone tried an Aliso saddle?
  • Gotama

    Yes and i find it massively uncomfortable compared to my bel air which i like. Think it’s a lot narrower which just doesn’t suit my backside.


    I went from a bel air to an aliso and much happier…broader flatter nose and bigger flatter area for my backside.

    I had the lighter ti version…but had a bit of smallish crash and a rail bent.

    Still have it if you want it to try and straighten the rail for test purposes (for postage obviously!).



    They’re a wee bit flatter on top than a bel air, and also a wee bit chunkier. If you like the bel-air then you’ll probably get on with it, I reckon.

    I’ve seen quite a few shops which do an SDG demo thing though, where you can take one and try for a few days before you buy. Could be worth looking into!
    I’ve always been a fan of the bel air, and recently tried a Falcon, which was really nice. It’s like the bel-air in terms of the shape (slightly contoured top, with a bit of lift at the tail end) but much slimmer, and a bit better looking.



    I love my Bel Air.
    I HATE my Alisio.

    what matther01 said, but mine has survived so far, would swap my other belair for one but have not found it in an i-beam.

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    Compared to a Bel Air?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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