Anyone tour/roadified their 29r?

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  • Anyone tour/roadified their 29r?
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    If you get a group buy of these Cascadia fenders, these chaps would be happy to ship them over, & reckon $75-$100 for express shipping 3-5 sets. 🙂

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    With Marathon extremes

    With 29er tyres

    Going to experiment with 28c tyres when the weather improves


    Interesting the number of Big Apple advocates in this thread! I picked up a pair of 2.35 Super Motos (the Big Apple without a kevlar guard belt) last year and used them for training then for a 10 day trip. Loved them, work well on the road, did a 75 mile road day on them, also good with lower pressure on dry / rocky trail, sand, any loose stuff. Obviously not good at all on mud.

    Was kinda wondering if there was anything similar but with a bit of side grip for some dig in off road, but haven’t found anything in that nice big 2.35 size yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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