Anyone studied Via or any experience of Open University?

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  • Anyone studied Via or any experience of Open University?
  • simply_oli_y

    As above really. Wondering if anyone has gained a degree through the Open University, and had any feedback/experiences.

    From some I’ve heard they can be a bit one track minded with materials (i.e the books we supply you with are the only ones you’ll need, so don’t reference anything else).

    But other than that not heard much! It would be an engineering degree if that makes a difference!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Did look at it many years ago but managed to pursuade my employer to give me a day off a week to go part time. Took 4 years. Loved every minute of it. Mech Eng by the way.
    Might have changed but OU seemed very outdated when I looked & attended a couple of introductions.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Yes, just finishing an MBA with them. I’d give them 8/10 for it. Most of my tutors have been ok,a couple have been knobs. Materials good and they do try to give you all you need because historically, you would have needed access to a decent library for supplementary material – not as relevant today thanks to Wikipedia online journals. Any degree which benefits from practical implementation in the workplace works better part time (management and engineering are good examples) in my opinion.

    As a serial degree taker, who’s previously studied at 3 other universitiesI’d say the OU is pretty well organised. To get the best out of it though, you need to be too.

    Lots of other places do distance learning too though, so check out what else is available and make your decision based on the quality and relevance of the course, not just the institution.

    Good luck


    Got my first degree with them too. Looking back I can see the point made in the above post – if you’re disorganised, then you’ll suffer as for the main you are on your own against the clock; they are rather inflexible when it comes to submitting work. But they do give you all you need to get through, and for me were quite happy to accept any reference material so long as the submitted work was interesting and on topic. In doing other courses since with other agencies, there does seem to be a repetition of course material content [particularly management and economics stuff], so perhaps there is some sharing of study materials between organisations – hence don’t get hung up on it being the OU and thus better or worse than others. Does the course fit?


    Never studied with them, but ran a research project where they were a partner. Engineering is exellent at the OU. If you need to do distance/part timelearning then they are a great choice.


    Might be worth checking out what’s available at (edX) – they are doing some excellent courses


    Mrs M took her M.Ed there, which was well run. The OU is probably the best set-up for distance learning, as other institutions are more focussed on attended courses. The lectureres I’ve met there for work purposes seem pretty good.
    Go for it.

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