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  • Anyone seriously 'overbiked'?
  • It’s that simple – can’t understand why people need to overthink stuff so much

    I find people overthinking harmless questions to come up with smart arsed answers a bigger problem round here to be honest 😉

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    Did the summer trailquest series on a ridgid scandal this year. Was supprised how relativly easily your could bike in the peak with no suspension, though royce clough had me blinking the third eye when i was carrying to much speed.
    Wont be getting rid of the 5 spot with 150 36’s yet..


    Overbiked, yes.

    Care, no 🙂 if I’m really worried I can swap tyres, drop fork travel, and raise the seatpost, for less gnar.


    Yes when i bought my five am i thought ill only do it once so got everything big then itl last longer so yup usualy way over biked 80% of the time but im really not arsed 😀

    Premier Icon vondally

    over the years indeed, 160mm travel bikes liked them all, some like turner rfx original version titus supermoto climbed better than some xc bikes I have owned…..the titus over a 10mile circuit was quicker than my yeti asr sl……faster and safer on the downs so made up loads of time.

    These bikes allowed me to ride with a knackered back when a hartail would have meant giving up

    ridden up col de perysoude/port de bales/superbargnes on a Maverick ml8…all good fun

    enjoyed them all now on a 120/95 mm 29er and still overbiked 😀

    Ride and enjoy


    I keep selling 140/150mm travel bikes and buying something shorter but keep ending up with a 140mm bike again, just put a 150mm for on my stumpjumper so definitely over biked again but won’t be following the urge for a 120mm bike as it won’t be any lighter

    never happy


    An Orange Five SE and I keep both wheels on the floor mincing round the downs. A hard tail would be more than enough but I don’t care

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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