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  • Anyone selling a motorbike???
  • Looking for my first bike after passing my test last week.
    Thinking something like a hornet to get going but just seen a ducati monster 696 and they look so sweet!!!

    So anyone got anything?? £3k budget but thought I’d asked to see what’s floating about to see if something crops up I haven’t thought about


    CRF450R, road legal, full loom, lights, mot, etc.
    Running 17″ excel/talons with the original wheels too, spare full Scorpion Ti system, spare bodywork.
    Brand new Vapor speedo and connection kit.

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    I’m selling a ZZR 1400 right now, 2008, long MOT and tax, very recent service… 23k miles…. its a pussycat to drive…

    ^^^^^^^^^^^All pretty much ideal if you’ve JUST passed your test ……. 😆


    I don’t think you’ll find a 696 for that money, although you might find an older M600 or M900, which I think look nicer anyway. Are you handy at fixing motorbikes?!

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    £79 insurance per year (yes, really),

    Throttle goes both ways… its like a Range Rover to drive, very easy, low and nicely balanced…

    First bike after your test… personally, I would have a look for a supermoto..


    I have an old(1991) Honda cbr 600. 38000 miles on the clock.
    Every MOT. £750?


    I will take that Zzr for under £3k

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    My first bike was a VFR750 – absolutely loved it, put 10k miles on it in the first year.

    Kawasaki er6n 2008, 9ooo miles. Its not officially for sale but ive not ridden it for 2 years and now have a family so wont be riding it for a while. May sell to the right person for £2500. Its not your typical er6n either, engine is tuned to 86bhp (from 72) and the forks and rear shock are upgraded too. Probably the easiest smoothest bike ive ever ridden. Im based in north yorks, pm me if interested.

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    personally, I would have a look for a supermoto


    Handle exactly like a kona stinky with 3″ street slicks, big, fun and friendly. I did it and no regrets at all. 6 years on and it’s still my only motorbike.


    Honda hornet 600 with 18k ish miles. Last of the 05 models with carbs, i.e. the engine is way better than any of the later designs which were made for the euro 3 regs. £1850. Spend the change on some decent riding gear.


    Having just gone back to Supermoto, a KTM 990, I really can’t say enough about much fun and enjoyment you’ll get out one. I previously had a Husky 610SM which will give you loads of fun, be reliable too and well within your budget. Shop around and you may get a KTM 660. Insurance is reasonable too.


    Sorry to thread hijack, passed my mod 1 today and have my mod 2 next wednesday.

    Anyone fancy swapping a bike with an engine for either of the below mountain bikes?

    Bike 1

    Banshee Spitfire 2012 Medium in immaculate condition Kashima rp23
    Fox 32 150mm rlc FIT (5 rides old)
    Stans flow on pro11 (4 rides old) running hans dampf front and Nobby nic rear (tubeless).
    Sram x9 3×9 mechs and shifters(cassette and chain 3 rides old).
    Thomson stem
    Reverb (4 rides old)
    Juicy 7’s
    Bike is in superb condition with many of the parts nearly new.
    Got a full bushing kit in packet to be included (or can fit if a buyer would require).

    Bike 2

    18″ On-On summer season in decent condition, no dents or cracks.
    Formula RX
    XT Cranks
    Sram XX mechs (front is locked in position so only middle ring is used at front on a 1 x 10 set up with 11-36t
    Sram X9 10 speed shifter
    10 speed mech and chain
    Mavic crossland wheels running UST high rollers tubeless up front a 2.2 hutchinson on the rear

    If interested can get me on



    On an alternative hijack if either of you new bikers happen to be 6ft ish and in need of kit I have two piece leathers, fancy pants alpinestars GP gloves and boots in the loft gathering dust which I will sell on cheap to save me the hassle of ebay. All in very good condition. Email in profile if of any use. Ta


    I have a Dorso 750 which isn’t so much fun but has been reliable for an Italian. Not so much of a Supermoto more of a heavy naked bike with an high COG.

    Any report saying that they handle well is *****ocks. Dog of a bike to start with. Now have it to a reasonable level but the high weight up top makes it a bit of a woof.


    It isn’t really for sale as such but I’ve been to see a new bike today that I’m likely to buy, so I have a kawasaki z1000 03 with about 12,000 miles on it sat doing not a lot that your welcome to have for £3k. It’s a great bike, I bought it for commuting on sunny days but hardly use it, so I’d prefer for it to go to a good home rather than trade in

    I own a Panigale R & a 1098s track bike too that I use instead on proper sunny day ride outs & track, but I really want an older 1098s Streetfighter.

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