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  • Anyone riding a planet X scandal as a rigid bike?
  • Premier Icon karnali
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    If so how do you find it for xc and trail centre riding, been offered a good deal on a rigid, would upgrade to a suspension fork as and when a decent one comes round at the right price in classifieds probably. But keen to hear how people find it fully rigid

    Premier Icon damascus
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    Yes, mines a rigid scandal. Set up 1×10 with a genesis tarn fork and 2.6 inch tyres. I built it as my winter bike but it gets used all year round.

    Its currently got some 2 inch schwalbe big apples on it and I’ve been using it as a gravel bike.

    Its just a great bike.

    Premier Icon dcl
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    I have just picked up a second hand suspension fork one and looking to get a rigid fork on it if I can find a decent one!
    Damascus thanks for the info and will try looking a bit harder.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    I used to- an old model 29er though, not the new slacker one. It was fantastic tbh- surprising amount of give for an alu frame, I put an Exotic fork in it which are tough but pretty flexible so that all helped, and it could take a decent size tyre in the back. Only a shame it was 27.2 seatpost

    Premier Icon pistola
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    Absolutely ditto to Northwind. Built it in 2011 and still ride it to this day as my winter bike.

    Premier Icon isitafox
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    I’ve got a Big Dog which is similar geo with the Selcof fork and I love it.
    Requested it specifically as I fancied a change from suspension and would make commuting a bit speedier.

    Taken it over Jacob’s Ladder amongst other places and it’s been fantastic, best bike I’ve had in years!

    Premier Icon plus-one
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    Ran mine with rigid no issue. Obviously harsh on the really rough stuff but you know that !

    Running sus fork at the moment but will be putting the selcof fork on for winter.

    Premier Icon markwsf
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    would upgrade to a suspension fork as and when a decent one comes round at the right price

    There’s a PSA for Rockshox Pike Select+ from CRC for £380. Not sure whether they fit your criteria, but they appear to be exactly the right spec to replace the Gold 35’s that my stock build came with so.

    Premier Icon akira
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    What length of steerer do you need as I’ve just replaced my 29er 130mm Reba on my scandal with something shinier.

    Premier Icon nbt
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    Ran it rigid for years (singlespeed at first then geared later). Was fine – I was a bit slower on the descents than some people, but not the slowest.

    I’ve gone soft though and put sus forks on

    Premier Icon karnali
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    @akira coul dyou message me a price?

    Premier Icon allanoleary
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    Fraid not. But I am selling my Scandal with RS 35s on it /close stealth ad

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