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  • Anyone ride Hascombe Hill?
  • Dave, I sometime ride up there, but mainly stick to the bridleways and keep meaning to do a bit more exploring. The bridleways that drop off the top into the village are nice, if short and there's a couple that drop down on the Cranliegh side as well, one in particularly that I like doing.

    I've not venture onto Hascombe hill itself, which has the footpath running around it, so there could be some tracks on there. Did you see the wooden jump that someone has built in quite an obvious place?

    Happy to show you what I know.


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    Rode over to Hascombe Hill (near Cranleigh) for the first time today, and found a few nice trails but didn't really have time to explore properly as it was at the far end of a big loop.

    Does anyone ride there regularly? Is it worth further exploration? Does the landowner look tolerantly on off-piste stuff? Its nice and steep and looks to have plenty of potential but I've never heard anyone mention it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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