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  • Anyone ride a Vespa?
  • Premier Icon sc-xc
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    After losing my nerve and vowing never to cycle on the road again after 10 years of cycle commuting, I am tired of being in a car.

    Vespa looks like a good compromise for my 10 mile each way commute…a bit more presence on the road, less likely to be knocked off by idiotic drivers.

    i have no desire to ride a proper motorbike, and no desire to go faster than around 30mph.

    i like the look of the discontinued PX125…and I can dig out my old parka to look the part!

    Any thoughts, experiences or opinion? I guess there will be many responses along the lines of ‘man up and cycle’…but it’s not going to happen. **** cycling on roads, been knocked off one too many times.

    Premier Icon sobriety
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    You’re just as invisible on a motorbike/ped as you are on a bicycle, only you’re traveling faster.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    If that’s what you fancy, go for it mate, I’d love one tbh, but can’t really justify it.

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    I had a GT300 for about 18mths. Primarily for London riding, but did take it on a few blasts to the coast and North Yorkshire.

    It was pretty good all told, great torque and easy to ride. Traffic queues were just easy to ride through, the twist and go was simple and becuse the seat is fairly low it’s easy to put a foot on the ground to steady yourself.

    I didn’t encounter much road rage, don’t honeslty remember not being seen either. Yes London riding is fraught with mass traffic coming from all angles, but you get used to spotting incidents before they happen.

    10miles will be quite pleasurable IMO, when the weather is decent scooters are a great form of transport. I had weather knee covers and a large Perspex screen just to complete the look. But then I stopped riding it, sort of lost the love and then life changes meant me selling it.

    Cheap to run, easy to clean, easy to park.

    Good idea IMO.

    Premier Icon dove1
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    I have been riding Vespas and Lambrettas for over 35 years.

    (Currently have a 1976 Vespa Primavera ET3 and a 2000 Vespa PX200)

    A PX125 is a great commuter machine. Easy to ride and maintain and parts are readily available. They are good for 55mph and you’ll get 50mpg.

    The main concern to be aware of is that the body is all metal and can easily get dented/bent in a crash and repairs can be difficult.

    Since Piaggio stopped making the PX a few years ago second hand prices have started to rise. Post-2008 models are fitted with a catalysed engine that severely restricts the already low-powered engine so try and get a good pre-2008 model if you can.

    Any questions just ask.

    Premier Icon zippykona
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    Never ridden a scooter but I would have thought a modern bike would have better brakes and lights if safety is paramount.

    Premier Icon mooman
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    Have you considered a Honda PCX?

    i hired one on Majorca recently; impressed enough to consider getting one for work myself.

    130 mpg … good for 60mph … twist and go; just £2.5k

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    I’d have thought a short journey and lower speeds are perfect for an electric scooter…?

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    My neighbour has one, bloody noisy thing for something with so little power. My BMW R1100GS was 10x quieter.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Top 2 wheeled petrol boaby waving sir!

    Premier Icon johndoh
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    What is the law regarding scooter riding? Do you have to take a basic (CBT) test and keep re-taking it every two years or pass a full test?

    Premier Icon one_bad_mofo
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    If you’re going to ride a Vespa PX you have to get used to changing gear by pulling the clutch lever in and then twisting that and the handlebar grip as a single unit. However, once you get used to that they’re huge fun.

    Premier Icon Chew
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    Do you have to take a basic (CBT) test and keep re-taking it every two years or pass a full test?


    If you have a car licence and can cycle a CBT is very easy.

    Id say do and do that. You’ll get a feel for what its like to ride on the road and its a fun day out.

    Premier Icon sbob
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    If you’re going to ride a Vespa PX you have to get used to changing gear by pulling the clutch lever in and then twisting that and the handlebar grip as a single unit.

    Cool, you can pretend you’re riding a tuk-tuk!

    Or you could be sensible and buy a Honda.

    Premier Icon qwerty
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    I went from superbike to Vespa GTS 250 for commuting into Waterloo from North London. Twist and go was ace for the traffic light start and stop commute, I added a small screen and even a skirt for foul weather. Topped out around 85mph, nippy enough off the lights. Fish & chips can be kept warm under the seat whilst your beers hang between your legs on the hook. Stock tyres are lethal & I swapped them out immediately for something decent, suspension over speed bumps isn’t quite KTM Duke2 but the mpg is epic.

    Premier Icon Marin
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    Anyone own an LML? I know it’s not a Vespa but cheapish and still have the look. Purely for ice cream runs to the promenade and wearing clean clothes for a few hours a week. Fancied a scooter for years. Sorry to jump on your thread. PX 125’s look great.

    Premier Icon Sqwubbsy
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    If you want twist and go with a lovely classic Lambretta look then Scomadi might be worth a look.

    Premier Icon Marin
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    Not heard of them before. Looks lovely.

    Premier Icon samsibke
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    I know someone as work who had a LML, barely lasted 18 months and had loads of issues. He ended up getting the Vespa in wanted in the first place in the end.

    Premier Icon bedfordrd
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    Passed test 30-odd years ago on a Vespa PX125, but it was relatively unreliable.  Had a Lambo GP200, then moved to ‘proper’ motorbikes.  30-odd years later, now have a VFR750 and a Vespa GTS300 – absolutely love the Vespa – so quick, so comfortable, economical, reliable (waaay more reliable than my old PX): get a top box as that can store helmets, clothes, laptops etc.  Get a decent lock (keep it under the seat) as I have a feeling Vespa are scooter of choice for moped gangs. 🙁

    I’d suggest getting twist and go 4-stroke auto – quick off the lights, easy to control, no wrist/hand ache from the clutch/gears when you do have to filter slowly.  The PX is a 2 stroke – a classic engine but can be smokey (hence getting killed off).

    G/F has a Vespa ET4 auto, which she loves.  Smaller bodied than a GTS, but lighter with it.

    The Royal Alloys look sweet – similar to Scomadi, and the 125 is very competitive on price.

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