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  • Anyone ridden the Ibis Ripley 29
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    From two rides I can’t say how good it is downhill but it climbs like a rat up a drainpipe on speed. It’s accurate for a 29er – I’m better on 26″ wheels but I could put it where I wanted it. That said I haven’t rocketed down anything particularly lumpy so that’s not much to go on yet.

    I’ve only borrowed it a couple of times as it’s being properly reviewed in the next edition of Singletrack.


    Anybody here had a chance to ride the Ibis Ripley 29r? If so, what was your impression?
    Have a Mojo, which I love, but have begun the lusting process for the Ripley–now in full rage triggered by my son just taking delivery of a Niner Rip9.
    Only 1 Ibis local dealer and they don’t have a demo available at the moment—sure want to try one first.


    I have had mine for about 3 months now I bought when I was in the states. Its a very adaptable bike I have a Minion 2.5 on the front with 140mm 34’s and it flys downhill. Its an all rounder but if I was to pick the type of trails it really is at home on then I would say flat or dh swoopy singletrack, loves berms and feels good in the air. I had an SB95 before this and although it might just be a little more stable going downhill its not as much fun as the Ripley.

    It is very agile, amazing for a 29er when you are in tight trails, and just makes me smile lots when I ride it! Strava wise this knocked about 20 secs off a 3 min run of swoopy singletrack with small tables and big berms but on proper DH it equals out with the SB95, which I am fine with as that thing is a beast. Oh yes and its probably 2x as efficient going uphill, as I said earlier its genuinely very adaptable and straddles XC to heavy trail use depending on the build. Mine is 27.5 lb with a LEV dropper and light bike carbon rims.


    THanks m_t_b a good description of how the Ripley handles.
    My LBS guy is also suggesting I look at a Pivot 29 as well–they have a Pivot demo-bike available so I can get a real sense of how a 29 handles.


    I tried to ride the one at mayhem but they wouldn’t let me! No problem, as I will win one in the sierra buttes ‘buy a yard of trail’ comp. I will report back.


    Looks like some toe-rag has!


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