Anyone ridden Salsa Woodchipper bars?

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  • Anyone ridden Salsa Woodchipper bars?
  • thomthumb

    Woodchipper and Moto Ace Woodchipper By Salsa

    i haven’t but there are some comments above. got midges on my pompino and i like the longer flat at the end of the drop on the salsas


    VERY wide,still useable on the hoods might have to cut down the drops as they are very long.I prefer bell laps still but I ride mostly on the hoods.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I swaped from a midge to the wide woodchipper on my grypho.
    Loads nicer. Seriously wide though. First ride out I kept catching the ends on trees in tight singletrack. 😯

    They look like this in action.



    yep got them on my ss cyclocross bike, amazingly wide and very stable even on really steep slippy decents. love them.


    I have a set of midges as well (in a box, waiting for the build) but read elsewhere about the short drop extensions (right word?) and possiby sliding off.

    Will fit the woodchippers and see.


    Yeah give them a go. The guys I ride with took the mick but they are all pretty fast cyclocross racers so are propper hard. However I think they make riding my bike easier and more fun.

    Any user feedback? To go on a Singular Gryphon.

    Yes, I know they probably aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but thank god variety is the spice of life, eh!


    When folk mention them being particularly wide – are you running 42 or 46cm version of the bars? Looking into buying a pair.


    Any more feedback on these?

    Particularly keen to hear what they are like “on” road too.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    A bit of a revelation for me. I have them on my recently built up Fargo and they rock. The flare makes riding on the drops on descents feel really solid and controlled. I tend to ride the drops most of the time now. I run the 42s as the 46s felt enormous. My 44s on my now deceased crosser feel narrower. I’m contemplating a set for my custom build crosser as I just find them really comfy to ride both on and off road. A great bit of kit.


    Chaps. Those with Woodchipper bars (other than Sanny who has already answered), are you running 42 or 46cm width bars please?


    I ran my CX bike with the 46cm ones for a while. In the end I switched back to normal drop bars, can’t really remember why, I think I found the Woodchippers moved my bodyweight to far forward when on the drops (or something?).

    I keep meaning to sell mine as they are sat gathering dust in the garage, drop me an email if you are interested. They are the 46cm OS ones.

    Premier Icon Woody

    46cm Woodchippers here and they are brilliant as the position feels very natural to me. I’ll echo the sentiments above re control in the drops and comfort offroad but that is coming from mtb only experience – might be different if you are used to road bikes! Also like my Bell Laps but didn’t get on with Midges due to the lack of bar length in the drops.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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