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  • Anyone ridden round the world?
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    I do love stw.

    Someone can ask that question in all seriousness and probably expect at least one person to be able to answer it from experience 🙂


    go to the “crazy guy on a bike” website and you will find stories from loads of people who have done it.

    Good luck with your ambition.

    lol – only “decided” in the car today – the fantasy idea is that in the next 14 years my daughter leans to ride a bike and love it, my missus decides that she wants to ride also, we win enough money for 2 years “out” and we do it! In reality its a **** pipe dream!!

    Wow – 18000 miles


    My house is packed up and I’m working my notice at work. As of middle of July I’ll be riding from Alaska to Argentina.

    DO IT!


    Rob get out of my head! 😉

    Substitute daughter for son and we’re on the same page

    My son’s not even 1 yet and I’m thinking about doing a bike tour down to the Med’ with him as a warm up

    Mike – can we follow you on the web?

    I’ve not, but read “journey to the center of the earth”, not the Jouels Verne book, the one about cycling from Bangladesh to Xinjiang. Gives an idea of just how light you can go touring! They took not much more than a spare tube and a set of 28mm tyers to cross the himalayas! Their reasoning was they expected to stay on ‘roads’ and therefore wouldn’t bother with those newfangled mountainbikes.


    my missus decides thats he wants to ride also

    Bigger worries if you ask me 😉


    According to Endomondo, I’m about 2/3 of the way round in two years. Give me another year and I’ll have done it. Mind you, I am holding down a full time job at the same time.


    Yes , my mate Andy rode to New Zealand a few years ago, will see if the blog is still available and post a link.

    don’t necessarily agree with some of the sentiments in there but the journey can take you to some dark places


    My mate Mike Hall recently broke the world record


    Tonnes of great writing on long distance cycling if you haven’t already read some of it:

    Anne Mustoe – A Bike Ride
    Ian Hibbell – Into Remote Places
    Alastair Humpreys – Mood of Future Joys, Thunder & Sunshine
    Mark Beaumont – The Man Who Cycled Around the World, Cycling the Americas

    Cass Gilbert is always worth a read:

    I’d between Cass’ stunning photography and Al’s sheer enthusiasm they persuaded me that it would be rude not to take a year out from a comfortable lifestyle and well paid job and do something truly life changing.


    Prefered tim mulliners take on it in long ride for a pie.

    sounds like a cracking journey but other aspects and aspirations in life will get in the way for me


    Mike, say “hi” to Clive and Viv if you meet them (also biking from Alaska -> Argentina although they started a few weeks ago).


    It’s on the list and I’m working towards it.

    Having major bike issues though which is pushing prep back. 🙁

    A guy I used to know split up with his wife, sold the house and bought a train ticket to Perth, Scotland, then rode to Perth Australia. He came back across America so I suppose that sort of counts. He said he wasn’t in too much of a hurry and took 18 months or so.

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    Ridden in lots of places around the world, but not around it.

    Wife and I quit our jobs, getting on for 10 yeras ago. Rented the house out, packed everything up and flew to Australia with pannier-laden bikes. Rode across Australia (cheated and got the train across the Nullaboor) and back. Rode up and down the length of NZ, then on to California. Realised distances in the US are big, so rented a car for a week or so to get to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Left it in San Franciso, rode north inland, then out to the coast and down the PCH to LA.

    All in, I think it was a mere 8000km in 18 months which is a very, very slow average speed. We stopped a lot 🙂 Life-changing time though.


    plus 1 on Alistair Humphries books

    from experience do a few medium tours to find out what kit you really do need, I took everything bar the house first time and it affected my enjoyment. less is more – so to speak.

    I will never cycle round the world – its just too bloody hard, but good luck

    I am planning on riding round the world in a few years time – namely 15 years time!!
    Anyone off here or friends done it? any stories to tell?

    It does seem to be a rather common illness, thinking such a thing. You can even do it as a race…

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