Anyone ridden much in Morgins?

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  • Anyone ridden much in Morgins?
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    If you mean the DH trails, they are almost certainly the best in the PDS. The berms on the red have been so well built that I end up feeling dizzy riding them!

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    morgins dh is ace, much quieter than morzine, so better condition, less braking bumps etc


    ah but, importantly, the trails have also been designed much better to help combat braking bumps appearing in the first place!


    Off the chatel this year and have heard great things about the place. Apparently there are some great trails that are off the beaten track.

    Anyone know the score with what to ride in Morgins?


    Morgins is ace, but keep it hush hush. When I was there last year there were only about 10 people on the lift all day. And two of them were World Cup DH riders 🙂

    Getting to Morgins to Chatel isn’t tremendous fun on a DH bike, unless you have transport. You can gain a bit of height using the super Chatel lift, but it’s tricky to describe where you need to turn off the old super Chatel track (that itself is a much underrated trail). Don’t be tempted to head out the back of super chatel towards Chalet Neuf – It’s a recipie for a navigational disaster.

    The PDS route out the back of Morgins to Croset is worth doing in it’s own right, the return from Pt. de Mosettes via the En They / Sassex valley is a nice mellow way to spend some time on two wheels – theres a nice bar just after you finish dealing with the more difficult towards the top…


    I ride there all the time with the guy that is responsible for building and maintaining them. He does a good job! Opening weekend was last weekend and trails are running well apparently. The road gap at the top of the red/black run is a little bigger and longer and there are a few other new additions as well I think. As has already been said, they are probably the best built DH trails in the PDS. There’s about 3-4 main trails varying in difficulty and also some off piste trails in the woods (they’re actually old runs that are no longer officially on the map) that are steep twisty and natural. Its always a lot quieter as well and I’ve never had to queue for long to get the lift, unlike Chatel which can be a nightmare.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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