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  • Anyone ridden Hope Tech X2's vs Mono Mini's?
  • Love my Mono Mini's for feel, reliability, and easy servicing but finding them a bit underpowered on long steep technical descents. Running 180/160 with sintered pads and keep them well fettled.

    Was wondering if going for the Tech X2's possibly with 203/180 would give enough increase in power? Don't really want to go for the extra complication and weight of M4's

    What's your experience?

    Oh, and please no suggestions about switching to Avid/Shimano etc – I am going to stick with Hope

    Oh come on guys. I can't believe no-one on STW has not had the opportunity to compare both, either as an upgrade or on different bikes


    I have ridden all the braeks you mention, the Tech X2 is more powerfull than the Mono mini by quite a bit, so you may not need to up-size your rotors (particularly if you want to save weight, have you ever picked up a 203mm rotor?)

    I reckon a 180 front tech X4 wouldbe lighter than a 203mm tech X2! And more powerful too.


    I've ridden two sets vs my '08 mono minis, found the X2 to be everything my Mono Mini is, just with more power…

    I'd buy them.


    To be honest, if you're thinking you need to up-size your discs, do it when you get the new brakes. There's very little weight difference, and if you don't, a few months down the line you'll be wishing you had, and shelling out for new mounts and rotors.

    Thanks guys. Confirmed what I hoped would be the case. I would go for the floating rotors (because I can get them in red to match my hubs) so I don't think the extra weight of a 203/180 vs 180/160 would be that much.

    What about views on braided hoses? Have had complete range of comments from "big improvement" to "extra weight for no gain". Might post this as a separate thread


    Not a huge amount of weight gain with braided hoses, but not much performance gain either. The only REAL improvement is the looks, although many would argue that they don't look any better than the black hoses.

    If you're not careful with your routing they can quite easily cut into your frame too.

    Get em if you want em, otherwise don't bother. Threre's no point trying to justify an aesthetic upgrade.

    Just emailed Hope. They reckon a braided hose is 40g heavier than standard, so 80g for both ends, so you're dead right Davey. Probably go for them even for a slight performance gain, and aesthetically they will match my gear cables.

    Hope also say they only go up to 183mm on the X2 as it is an XC brake, so no 203 option anyway


    What gear cables are you using that match the braided hoses?

    It depends what your riding involves but I've found braided hoses to be a big improvement over standard hoses. You'll likely only notice any difference on big descents, but I find they make the braking very consistent. Of course that could all be in my head!

    I've got Tech M4's on one bike and I can highly recommend the Tech lever too. The shape is great, it doesn't rattle and the adjustments actually do make a difference to the braking.

    paulwf, I've just fitted SRAM Flack Jacket cables. Perhaps not exactly like braided hoses but they are grey with a sort of imitation carbon weave in them

    Jimmer – that's eactly the time I feel in need of more power, or more precisely less force on the lever to prevent arm pump. I'm tempted by M4's but don't need them 99% of the time and they are extra weight.


    I went straight from 07 Mono Minis to X2 on my new (August) Orange 5.

    X2's are alot better, and i thought the Mono's were great. Lever adjustments are actually useful, plenty of power for me and the brakes felt great for a week of alpine descents with little or no brake fade.

    Not sure the braided hose adds to the power or not but i remember that i could feel the normal hose on my Mono's bulging when i held it and pulled the lever. You don't get that with braided hoses.

    Also, the supplied standard (organic) pads are still going strong after a wet August, a week of alpine descents and alot of muddy rides since!

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