Anyone ridden from Kinlochleven to Corrour / Loch Ossian?

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  • Anyone ridden from Kinlochleven to Corrour / Loch Ossian?
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    I’m thinking of heading up that way tomorrow, I see there’s a trail from Blackwater Reservoir over that way. Is it rideable or even fun? I’m thinking of coming back via Meananach and Ciaran Path.

    Any tips on other good sections around that way, I know some of the trails but not them all.

    I think the best way to get to Loch Ossian from Kinlochleven is up the landrover track to the Blackwater dam, cross the dam, hack along the shore of the loch until you reach the river flowing down from Loch Chiaran, follow the lovely singletrack up the river to Loch Chiaran, descend to Loch Treig, then up to Corrour. Coming back via Meanach would be nice but the trail alongside the Abhainn Rath wasn’t the best when I rode it (I had a trailer though, thats my excuse!). You have a choice of about four great descents back down to Kinlochleven once you’ve pedalled past Loch Eilde Beag/Mor.

    D’oh, my bad, check your map before you go, the singletrack doesn’t actually follow the Ciaran Water, it turns away from the loch before then.

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    If you’re going up to Blackwater, avoid the landy track and ride the pipe instead. It’s a flat surface at such a gentle incline that you barely notice it.

    Personally I’d rather head to Corrour via Loch Eilde Mor, as I last rode past Ciaran bothy and the track was cut up after the motorbike trials running through it.


    I’m heading up to Meanach in July to support someone doing a Ramsay Round. I’ll need to be in place at a specified time so want to make sure I’m there in time. but also want to have a miniadventure on the way there…

    So a number of questions to seek some local knowledge. Does anyone have a current conditions report?

    I realise the most direct route is up past mamore lodge and past the loch elides, but wondered how much longer (in time) it would be to go via Blackwater and Ciaran

    How is the track past Ciaran? Still cut up?

    If going up the landy track to Blackwater is the dam passable, some photos seem to show gates?

    If heading west from Loch trieg to meanach which is the least worst side of the Abhaihn Rath; North or South? I’ve been there on foot before but come down from the grey corries. I seem to remember the valley is, erm, a little rough under foot in places!


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    I reckon KLL to Meananach Bothy via Loch Eilde Mor is probably less than a couple of hours at a steady pace. To go via Blackwater Dam, Glen Lolairean (past Ciaran Bothy)is going to be a full day ride. I would guess 6-8 hours depending on fitness. The dam is passable easily, there are low gates but they are easily climbed over.

    When I rode it a month or so back, probably 75% of the track from the dam to Loch Trieg was rideable. The worst bit is the start and end, it’s pretty grim doing down hill hike-a-bike to Loch Trieg. Overall there is enough good riding to make it worthwhile though.

    I crossed to stay at the bothy at Staoneig and couldn’t get back across due to rain. I’ve been told the North Side is better, and to be frank, unless it’s guarded by trolls it couldn’t be any worse than the South side.


    Cheer Tom, that’s helpful.

    out of interest what do you reckon it would be like in reverse? It may make more sense for me to go the quick way to Meanach then come back the via Loch Trieg and Lolairean the next day when I don’t have any time constraints. Especially if the section near Loch Trieg is hike-a-bike…

    Although i’ve never ridden the descents from loch elide to KLL, and wouldn’t want to miss out…

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    In reverse would be much better! You would be going down hill (slightly) along the Abhain Rath which would make it more (well slightly) more rideable. You would also get more enjoyment from Loch Treig to Blackwater, followed by a cracking blast down the Ciaran Path to KLL. So in reverse you avoid a down hill hikabike, get more “cruising” singletrack and gain a cracking descent. Win, win & win

    It’s also the sort of ride that could be a nightmare if up against a deadline. Doing it the way you suggest means you do what you need to do then have a good ride!


    Excellent! Sounds like a plan then…

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    I did that route on Friday (starting at Fort William) via Kinlochleven -> Blackwater Dam -> Loch Ciaran -> Loch Treig [url=]Strava route here[/url]

    From the North side of the dam to the river junction it’s all bog-walking, so you might as well stick close to the shore of the reservoir and at least enjoy the beach. Once at the river though there is some good Singletrack that lasts until Ciaran bothy.

    From then on it’s a mixture of terrain down to Loch Treig and I probably only rode 50% of it.

    I’d agree that the whole route would be better in reverse. For a start Corrour is quite high an Kinlochleven is at sea level, and secondly you could then take the famed Ciaran Path singletrack into Kinlochleven.

    There is a fence at the dam but it’s easily scaled:

    IMGP1162 by allyharp, on Flickr

    The view down to Loch Treig:

    IMGP1181 by allyharp, on Flickr

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    <checks diary for possible opportunities…>

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