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  • Anyone Remember the Rumblefish?
  • My current bike is getting very knackered. I keep thinking of getting one of these new shiny 29er things like the Anthem or the EX…

    and then I remember the Trek Rumblefish that I demoed a few years ago. Fair enough I only did a few laps of Llandegla and Keilder, but it was the dullest most uninspiring tractor of a ride for a £3,200 bike (pre pound slump)

    So have 29ers and Treks in particular, got any better?

    Anyone still ride a Rumblefish?

    Rode a rumble fish a few years ago and found it very uninspiring. Currently have a 29er Enduro and that is fun (in a “oh my, this is rather fast” kind of way)

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    Never ridden a Rumblefish! But I do remember it!

    I’ve got a Transition Smuggler, 29er, and frankly it’s the puppies privates! Just a brilliant all rounder.

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    Never rode a rumblefish but the new fuel ex is very nimble and lively. Feels a lot like the smuggler actually.

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    “Rumblefish” is the best name for a bike that there has ever been, and it needs to be used on something better.

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    ^^^ Apart from Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, obviously.


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    Wasn’t the rumblefish one of Gary Fisher’s creations before getting sucked into Trek? I think you are better off with the ‘newer’ 29’ers, they have got the geometry sorted now. +1 for the Smuggler (owner biased!)

    Imo – some of these newer short travel 29’ers can feel a little flat if you are just out for a gentle ride, but really come alive when pushed. Smuggler is a good example – its not a beginners bike – they like to be thrashed. That said, I rode a demo Anthem last year and for the price – its a very good bike.


    Gary Fisher design but badged as Trek, much like the old Superfly FS. Friend of mine rides one and really enjoys it having made the jump from 26″. Geometry is more on the conservative site but doesn’t feel that it needs to be hammered everywhere.

    Couple of things to consider;

    1. Not boost 29 so not future proof, but then what is atm.

    2. The 2013 models came with the one off DRCV Fox 32 Fork whiter Trek attempted to apply their dual valve shock tech into a fork. The result was a very plush ride that blew through its travel. You can get volume spacers from TF Tuned to address the issue but most people ended up running less sag and never leaving it open for descents. I had one with a separate low speed compression adjustment on a 2013 Remedy, but even then I found it worked better leaving it open on trails and in trail mode for descents for more support.

    These points aside its not s bad buy second hand.

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    some of these newer short travel 29’ers can feel a little flat if you are just out for a gentle ride, but really come alive when pushed. Smuggler is a good example

    Suppose it depends on your frame of reference, but I found the Smuggler very lively and engaging. Wouldn’t have guessed it was a 29er just from the feel.

    I recal there were two models, the Pro and the Elite. I had the 2013 Rumblefish Elite, sold it last year. Always found it ok, if a little heavy at times. Used to plough through rooty sections without a care.

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