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  • Anyone recomend some shoes & flat pedals
  • racing_ralph

    What size shoes?


    Easton Cully’s and FiveTen’s imo.


    five tens for the shoes definitely.
    no firm favourites on the pedal front, used v8, crank bros 5050 XX and wellgo mg1 and none have lept out at me but neither have my feet slipped on any of them.
    Literally just got back from the alps on a 4″ trance with five tens and the wellgo’s and feet never slipped at all which was interesting considering how rough those footpaths were. pins are still fairly sharp mind you.


    Need some flat’s & shoes for a trip to the alps whats good ?


    Five Tens are about the only part of this equation everyone will agree to. When it comes to pedals, it’s a case of pay your money and take you pick. Pretty much anything will be OK. The only thing I would add is not to spend silly money (say over £70) on pedals, they’re invariably not worth the extra cash.

    Personally I think that the Shimano DX flat is excellent value although the pins are a little fragile. DMR V12s, Easton Cullys or Flatboys, Atom Labs, even Crank Brothers can be pressed into decent performance if you put proper pins in them.


    Straitline pedals and waffle sole Vans.


    I’m pleased with my Superstar Nano Tech flats – nice and light and thin and grippy just with old skate shoes. Not used them in the Alps yet though – will be soon. 😛

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Wellgo MG1s, because they’re grippy, light and cheap. Though not massively strong to be fair, if you’re a regular rock-smasher then a heavier, more solid pedal would probably be better. Never had a problem myself.

    Shoes wise, I own a pair of 5 10s and a couple of pairs of Vans and I wear the Vans for most rides- they’re better shoes and they have plenty of grip. The 5 10s do have huge grip, but as the Vans have more than enough it doesn’t really make any difference to me, my feet never slip with either. It always makes me think of putting trackday rubber on a car for the road, you just get grip and performance you don’t need.


    How do the Straightlines hold up over time?

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    geetee1972, they’re pretty bombproof as they use bushings not bearings. They do go stiff occasionally and can seize if you get too much water and crud inside them, but they are also ridiculously easy to service – you just pop off two circlips and give them a clean and a lube, I’ve done it in a car park before a ride.

    One chap on here had a problem with a little teflon spacer wearing out but I think they sorted it for him.


    if you’re gonna ride flats why wear ugly cycling shoes? 😕


    Straitlines and Five Tens

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Five Tens and DX pedals here

    Gusset Slim Jims do it for me, cheap too!

    avoid DMR’s theyr wayyyyyy to small and hurt your feet after a while. although the V8’s do last forever!

    As for shoes ive got some element townsend’s which are almost as stiff as my old DX’s.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    May I suggest 5:10 Guides for something lighter & less clumpy.


    5.10 shoes are an absolute must if your riding flats…In my humble opinion they’re the best!

    I’ve used a variety of flats but the DMR V12 and Burgtec Penthouse flats seem to offer the best grip, especially in the Alps. I must admit though that for the little extra grip the Penthouse flats offer over the V12 pedals, their massive price hike is not justified.

    5:10’s and eastons.

    Best value for money and longevity.

    My 5:10’s are now 3 and a bit years old, and only the right one shows signs of wear – starting to need resoling and a few stitches missing, left is fine.

    Eastons again have been run for 3+ years without losing a single pin or any maintenance. I have flatboys on my DH and XC bike and Cully’s on my Jump bike.

    CRC have the cully’s reduced to 69.99 at the moment as well.

    Just got myself some Shimano DX’s because they will just last and not need servicing, and some 5-10 Freeriders. New this year, they are fractionally less grippy than the Impacts but look good, are very comfortable, and actually look like smart skate shoes

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