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  • Anyone ran up Rockys steps in Philly
  • cheekyboy

    I have, over to you


    Pics needed or we don’t believe you.


    I worked there for 2 yrs so it was mandatory, really, although I drew the line at shadow boxing at the top.
    As an aside I learnt to mountain bike properly there – some excellent stuff out the end of Fairmount park, which begins behind the art museum.


    Premier Icon jam bo

    I did.

    Then I sat at the top for about 45 mins watching a procession of fat yanks, start running up, have to stop halfway as they are actually quite long, and eventually huff & puff their way to the top before some feeble shadow boxing whilst hacking up a lung. It was a good spectator sport guessing how far each would get.


    Yep – 2 of us did reps, with laps of the building inbetween. Racing up it was hard work!


    Yes, a friend lives in Philly so dropped in to see her after a trip to NYC a couple of years back.

    Didn’t pose for a picture with the Stallone bronze after though.

    Really liked Philly, like NY but more compact and a bit more sedate.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Yup, in 1993, there was no statue at the top and the guide on the bus tour took particular pleasure as describing me and my 2 friends as ‘redcoats’ to everyone else.

    Philly was a little rough in those days especially as we got there via Greyhound, don’t know what its like now but South St, between 2nd and 8th Avenue’s did have some crackin bars.


    No but I have recreated the pram scene from the Untouchables/Battleship Potemkin (before the nerds dive in) in Chicago.


    Me, but no pics (predates digital photography and smart ferns).

    I was chatting to someone about recreating film scenes the other day and decided it would be a project/challenge for my kids over the coming year to watch a film (that they like) with a place that they know or can find and then recreate a scene and do some other bits of work around it.

    Platform 9.75 doesn’t count cos it’s a tourist hell hole but other bits of HP might and living near The Peak, Princess Bride would be a doddle.

    Me – I’ll be recreating a scene from the awful Couples Retreat on Bora Bora (French Polynesia).

    EDIT – but not the bit where the bloke entertains himself.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob


    Got a framed pic at home of me at the top of the steps in the Rocky pose.

    I worked there for 2 yrs so it was mandatory, really

    lived and worked in Bethlehem an hour or so up the road for 2 years, so this.


    Yes, yesterday in fact. Then went cycling along Forbidden Drive – that is not a euphemism!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    There we go. I’m a huge Rocky fan so this was a rite of passage and a very happy moment.


    No but I have been to the Mork and Mindy house in Boulder Colorado.

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